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  1. SSG Shaver Shop Grp Ltd

  2. D2O Duxton Water Ltd

  3. BOT Botanix Pharma Ltd

  4. EQF Equities and Freeholds Limited

  5. PUC Puma Masterfund P-12

  6. MPX Mustera Property Group Limited

  7. CCO Circlecom Limited

  8. MBS Mobius Ncm-03 Trust

  9. SK1 Spark Infrastructure Group-Instalment Receipts Us Prohibited

  10. SEP Ab Svensk Exportkredit

  11. AO1 Assetowl Limited

  12. TNS Transonic Travel Limited

  13. VID Videlli Limited

  14. SKW Skywest Limited

  15. VOF Valad Opportunity Fund no.11

  16. FMN Firstmac Bond Series 1c-2006 Trust

  17. 868 Aust Santia Jinnai

  18. FO1 Foodland Associated Limited - Options Over Basket

  19. PLF Primelife Corporation Limited

  20. JCI Jc International Group Limited

  21. SAD Securitised Australian Mortgage Trust 2007-1

  22. DRI Deutsche Retail Infrastructure Trust

  23. BHF Bhp Billiton Finance Limited

  24. BKV Big Kev's Limited

  25. BLV Bligh Ventures Limited

  26. PB9 Pblda Option Basket

  27. TRQ Series 2007-1 Torrens Trust

  28. SMV Smart Series 2007-2 Trust

  29. XQB Brisbane City Council

  30. PMB Pacmab Limited

  31. SMG Soon Mining Limited

  32. EGI Ellerston Global Investments Limited

  33. IME Interstar Millennium Series 2002-2 Trust

  34. SKY Skydome Holdings Limited

  35. DRR Db Rreef Rents Trust

  36. NFD National Foods Limited

  37. NTG National Telecoms Group Limited

  38. AHX Apiam Animal Health Limited

  39. MGM Macquarie Good. Mgt.

  40. CFI Colonial First State Private Capital Limited

  41. RIG Rongtai International Group Holdings Limited

  42. QTI Queensland Trustees and Investment Limited

  43. SKG Skynetglobal Limited

  44. PCB Perls Ii Trust

  45. CCQ Contango Capital Partners Limited

  46. MQR Marquee Resource Ltd

  47. HLT Hlt Limited

  48. AXL Axsesstoday Ltd

  49. BHR Blenheim Resources Limited

  50. AMZ Amcor Investments (New Zealand) Limited

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