**** $10,000 CASH PRIZE NEXT COMP !!!!!!

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    Yes, you have read it correctly members. VectorVest is sponsoring the August/September TopStocks Tipping competition and offering a $10,000 cash prize to first place.TopStocks is proud to announce this prize value as the highest on offer by any ASX Forum in Australia's history .. it is certainly a first in the industry. One of TopStocks' members will be lucky enough to win the cash with no strings attached.To win.. all you have to do is be the top TopStocks Tipster across the August and September 2012 combined period using the new TopStocks Tipping Feature.. currently in BETA testing mode.I would like to personally thank VectorVest for sponsoring this prize and for making Q3 2012 a very exciting one for the ASX Community and particularly TopStocks.More information to follow soon on how and where to register.Look out for the May video update over the weekend which will have more detail.

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    Awesome Mod :DI am just wondering as to what Top Stocks may become from here Onwards :! :! :! :! :!Boggles the Imagination :! :! :! :! :!Yep ..... I like $10k ....... Who Doesn't ......... Just to keep the "Rats" out of my Nest Egg :lol: :lol: :lol:

  3. 61.0k

    she'll be right Cat one or two of us will be in it for fun and mental stimulus .cheers ,don't forget to wave when you pass me !! :) :) :) :)

  4. 1.7k

    Sorry Mod ......

    Forgot to Mention........... Get Marcus on Board the PR Team ! ....... ASAP

    "He Can Crack the Hardest of Rock's with just a Smile" .......... Just Like our Beloved "Plat" !!!!!

    Cheeeeeeeers !

    cat :lol:

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  5. 1.9k

    For 10k i will have a go.

    So where do i sign up?

    :D :D :D :D :D :D

  6. 5.9k

    You ought to advertise this in mainstream media.

    It's bound to bring in the crowds.

    PS. There is no need to mention anything about the Topstocks initiation ritual (Clark Kent puts newbie in a headlock, Hellraiser inserts the pineapple)

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  7. 2.5k

    What you want to do "BIG TIME" is stop flapping your jaws and show us (the forum members) how good you really are? - proof is in the pudding so to speak.

    There has never been a more opportunistic time to capitalize on the "I am the greatest theme" that you so regularly portray!

    Me; i have nothing to prove!

  8. 4.4k

    Yes, Andre should advertise this through the hotcopper email list. :lol:

  9. 5.9k

    Who the fvck are you, newbie?

    And can you point me to anything you have posted which is worth reading?

  10. 5.9k

    I am just hoping that the Malaysians do not put a stop to this comp, maxe

  11. 2.5k

    Me - I'm just a nobody who watches you blowing your horn; every single day.

    Put up "BIG TIME".

    I see nothing to command respect....(yet)

  12. 4.4k

    I'm sure that after three protests a parliamentary inquiry, an appeal, another inquiry, a ministers appeal and a clean bill of health by the atomic energy agency it will surely get the go ahead for August/September................2015.


  13. 2.5k
  14. 5.9k

    My comp entries are:

    1. SHORT : the most frequently discussed stock on *** the week preceding the start of the competition

    2. SHORT : the 2nd most frequently discussed stock on *** the week preceding the start of the competition

    3. SHORT : the 3rd most frequently discussed stock on *** the week preceding the start of the competition

    I won't be beat folks.

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  15. 4.1k

    Well , CK you picks have been a standard fair since the last GFC

    1. CDU

    2. CTP

    3. CCC

    Thats it and you are done.

    Next question, do you have enough pickets in the fence to prong the jewels on.

    Around the precinct of Sackville, i am sure you could ask for them to be removed, but remember they are cast iron....are you tough enough to stake you claim. Be a Twiggy,a Lang or a Forrest, your skills in predicting recent times are poor....any monkey with a marco view could ...i say, any nuance could do better than you.

    Show us you jewels of priveliged wisdom, and as it is 10K is your monthly fully franked avg anyway...do it to ensure your rise to the almighty one!!!

    *** btw...you have to bet me first..good hunting on the sound!! ***

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  16. 6.5k

    you up for the challenge CK?

  17. 5.7k

    I'd love to get the guy in a cage ...

    er, or in a stock picking comp

    has anyone actually seen him recommend a stock, ever?

    Trouble is, if he's in the comp, then we have to put up with his excuses, abuse and bleating for a whole 2 months!


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  18. 6.5k

    I challenged CK once a few years ago, maybe 2 years or so, as we picked fairly identical stocks from the top50 on the asx, he backed out and said it's not worth it ;)

    Martis still owes me his so-called fortune he bet and lost with me, who wants a right royal flogging?


    If I don't put my own cash into a stock such as a tipping comp. I win, it's that straight forward ;)

    Amazing how emotions rule investments, so in-fact just saving cash is the best investment for me, along with TAKING OUT $10,000 OF PRIZE MONEY!!!!!!!!


  19. 15.6k

    I can't believe I missed this thread. VectorVest I like it.

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