$66B stimulus package breakdown

  1. 4.7k

    Here's what the Federal Government's second coronavirus stimulus $66B package actually means for your wallet and Centrelink payments

    As Australia's economy is left reeling from the flow-on effects of the coronavirus pandemic, the Federal Government has unveiled a suite of new measures designed to soften the blow.

    The $66 billion package includes relief for retirees, and a "safety net" for workers already bearing the brunt of the crisis.


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  2. 4.7k


    All schools in Victoria to shutdown after tomorrow.

    The borders of West Australia and South Australia close at 1.30pm WST or 4.30pm EST

    Do not try and cross after the closures as the military and police will be stationed at checkpoints...

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  3. 68.7k

    i would use napalm to sterilize the ACT , can't be too careful with that infestation of trough-feeders they have there

  4. 4.7k

    All clubs, pubs, nightclubs, cinema's, gym's, bingo centres, licensed hotels, casino's etc. must shutdown by lunchtime 12pm AEST tomorrow. Restaurants and Cafés only allowed to be open for takeaway order's.

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  5. 68.7k


    where are they going to launder political donations

    oh wait the executive lounge at the airports will be open

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  6. 4.7k

    Centrelink offices around Australia have been inundated with people attempting to register for the Jobseeker allowance.

    The announcement on Sunday that people whose incomes had been impacted by the coronavirus crisis would be able to apply for the payment - previously known as Newstart - has sparked a surge in applications.

    Subsequently, there were lines around the block with people waiting for doors to open on Monday morning.

    The MyGov website crashed as well due to unprecedented online demand however rumour has it MyGov crashed/went down due to an external cyber attack on Monday morning.


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  7. 3.2k

    As often is the case, these government handouts bring out the worst in people and brings the worst people out.

  8. 6.0k

    It will be nice to see some Aussie Tax payers get some Money back, Considering over 63 billion was spent in Foreign Aid last year.
    And over 21 billion in Taxes were avoided by Foreign Companies operating In Australia.
    Maybe a good lesson to come out of this ,is to stop relying on scumbag Countries like China, become more self sufficient. Open up Manufacturing follow Donald Trumps lead.
    It has now become evident that our leaders were warned not to close our borders on China or their would be a retaliation by them re,trade.
    Trump has exposed Australia ,New Zealand,Italy, France and other pacific Islands as having very weak leadership.

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