737-800 down over Tehran

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    NOT a MAX version.....and in fact very reliable record....before Boeing fiddled with the design.....

    I've had a look at the flight profile and some vague video.....As an aviation expert.....but not an accident expert....Hmmm.....this looks like an altitude detonated small bomb to me....It COULD have been an overzealous AA unit not getting with the program and shooting it down.....That is possible, but you would expect tracers.

    I am hearing this was mostly westerners - and mostly dependents - leaving Iran.....Am waiting for the passenger list.....(some more subdued rumours - there was an unofficial American diplomatic team on board - no idea if that could or would be true - I doubt it though...likely some American and many other foreign civilians though)

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    You really don’t have much of a life do you.

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    Don't waste your time here....you got nothing to contribute and just waste oxygen. Talk to the animals instead.....while performing sex acts....as usual.....

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    I heard the Russians arrived the day before.!

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    obvious shot down imo by iran airport defence system

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    Iran plane crash: Airliner 'was trying to return to airport'


    after recent revelations at Boeing and the FAA i agree with Iran ,

    can they find unbiased technicians to investigate the plane data ??

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    iran shoot down obvious as dogs ba$ls

  9. 70.5k


    but half were dual-national uni students ( potential spies )

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    The Boeing chief executive who was ousted last month for the company's response to two crashes and the grounding of its best-selling plane will walk away with $US62.2 million ($90 million), the company has revealed.
    Key points:

    The Boeing 737 MAX was grounded last March after crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia killed 346 people
    A relative of a victim has criticised the "reward"
    A US Senator says the payout is "corruption"

    However, Boeing said Dennis Muilenburg would not get additional severance or a 2019 bonus, and would forfeit stock awards worth $US14.6 million.

    Mr Muilenburg was fired from the job in December as Boeing failed to contain the fallout from a pair of fatal crashes that halted output of the company's bestselling 737 MAX plane and tarnished its reputation with airlines and regulators.

    The MAX was grounded last March after crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia killed 346 people.

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