American pickers.

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    Also, most of the Chinese garlic is irradiated.

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    Oh, I thought that was Fukushima garlic.

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    or use the garlic as a necklace to keep corporate vampires out of your trades :lol: :lol: :lol:

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    never ever buy white garlic ... its bleached. ...

    A few years ago I thought I might try my hand at growing my own garlic so that we were guaranteed a constant supply. Well I got chatting to my local fruit and vegetable guys Joe and Vince who know a thing or two about garlic as they are fourth generation Italian. Anyway I asked them if I shoved a clove of garlic into the ground would it grow? They said you can normally do that with the 'purple' garlic but not with the 'white' garlic that is grown in China because it's bleached. Excuse me - did he just say 'bleached'? Yeah apparently so and that's why you have 'purple' and 'white' garlic! To this I replied 'why on Gods earth are the Chinese bleaching garlic' and 'why has it taken me this long to figure this out?'

  5. 2.1k

    Pretty disturbing info in that article Marcus.

    This caught my eye.

    "So I did a bit of research into the colour of garlic and found some alarming information to say the least. Hence, Henry Bell from the 'Garlic Association of Australia' states that if you are buying imported garlic from China then 'sometimes you're even getting last year's crop'. He states that 'it may have been picked and cool-stored, treated with growth inhibitors to stop it sprouting on the shelf, bleached with chlorine to make it look white and healthy, and has by law been fumigated with methyl bromide to kill bugs and plant matter'.

    Now I ask you - is this the stuff you want frying in your pan? Before you hastily answer that question here's what else Henry Bell had to say about imported garlic from China. He states 'I know for a fact that some garlic growers over there use raw human sewage to fertilise their crops, and I don't believe the Australian quarantine regulations are strict enough in terms of bacteria testing on imported produce."

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    The sorts of reasons why I say ban/boycott the Chinese garlic.

    Buy from me. :lol:

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    I said somewhere earlier that I watered my crop of garlic that I had on my sisters farm with 2nd tank septic. No reported deaths with that stunt/method but with Chinese sewerage it could be a whole different matter. Dont get me started on sanitary conditions in Asia.

    Maybe don't buy from me.

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    I eat heaps of that chinese crap! didnt know its prolly doing more harm then good. :shock

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    but what I find more amazing is that the chinese are buying huge tracts of land so they can benefit from our great food while we import there poop.

    BTW; american pickers is a great show I was surprised the car they bought on last nights episode was worth less then they paid for it, ah well you win some you lose some

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    Mate I was spewing, droowling and near tears when they dragged that relic out. Jealous plus. 5.5k in America a bit over the budget maybe but I was ready to hand over that plus 25%. Then I woke up. DOH! It was good while it lasted though.

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    here is a photo of an old car I found in the bush while I was prospecting for gold a few years ago, not as good as there car but mine was free if i bother to pick it up.

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    what model??

  13. 6.9k

    If and when I grab my few acres further north in a warmer climate (AntN) I will be looking for something just like you have there. Actually perfect for my future needs. I have a vision to have similar made into a chook pen. Just something different I suppose.

    I may be chasing you up or tracking you down for a price if I cant find similar myself, if youre interested.

    Yeah, nice. Looks like Mulga country, hard n dry?

  14. 71.7k

    " what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger" :wink:

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    mulga country galore here nah the vehicle body looked home made some old timer prospectors must of drove it out there and it broke down i think its more trouble then its worth body and chassis rusted badly

  16. 71.7k

    shame looked like 1920s Chev (but it is a long time since i have seen one) and yes the back end would've been modded .

  17. 6.9k

    Perfect for chooks.

    Can you say which state?

  18. 547

    Thats a dodge pick up maybe 1919,worth about $500,

  19. 71.7k

    curses!! had a few Chevy parts but thanks for that, it could still be rescued by the finder , that would be nice !!

  20. 750

    west aussie I dont even know if its still there any more as I havnt been in that area for about four years I also once seen an old morris miner? and I went back into town and told some people about it and when I went back down there it was gone! lol

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