Anyone know about GT share trading software

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    Hi just wondering if anyone knows about GT trading software. Costs about $19000.

    I have the sales team talking to me at present, just wondering if anyone had heard of this, or is it a scam.

    I am also wondering about Quanttrader through Port Phillip Publishing.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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    I may be too late however this is certainly a scam. Refer to the link below for further details.;p=4

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    $19K is a serious bit of cash (many times the cost of the computer most would run it on )

    one might check the warranty if a software or hardware failure ,a new computer (or hard-drive ) will void your licence to use to software .

    it sounds bad value (even if it does work as claimed ) you still have to put YOUR money into the market to earn your $19K back .

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    re:- Quanttrader through Port Phillip Publishing.

    some big claims made here.

    one would wonder if you have the (internet) bandwidth , and cash to fund the program appetite , (you could make profit but one would suspect some cash would be trapped in shares waiting to be sold/settled .)

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    I'm trying to find some software which will allow me to pick stocks and automate my share trading. The key feature I'm looking for is a bit like a stop-loss, but different - the ability to "set and forget" a price at which to sell a stock when it goes up.

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    You say "when" it goes "up."
    With the global inflation, especially in America and Powell (Head of the US "Federal" Reserve) lying about being able to bring it down other than raise interest rates and markets don't like that, plus Putin's war, plus other geopolitical problems and uncertainty, plus the incompetent puppet president America has, plus the lock downs and eventual food shortages, I think it is a matter of when it goes DOWN, and it seems like that has already started so probably the "when" is now.

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