Turning Point in share price coming

  1. 6.1k

    I wonder when the next CR is going to be, judging by the false flag of hope today ,I would think not far away.

  2. 1

    They will have a couple more ann's up their sleeves and will try for as much as poss around .6c mark....

    Did you read all the false hope on HC? unbelievable that the same people fall for the same gig every time.....

    The insider buying days earlier just made an instant 33% out of the gullible...ADV players will never learn but they keep giving so trade the trade is still the go...

    Golly i wish Pie was here, he would of sent over a case of that lovely wine after Pickles turned out to be Insurance at least for another raising and keeping the train going until the next plan comes together.....

    Which resource next will they go for to add to their extensive portfolio....lol......????

  3. 6.1k

    Looks like Pickle is their main focus ......well that should now buy them another 12 mths or so.
    Have to agree ,I wish our old mate Pie was still with us.

  4. 6.1k

    Is this Dog still breathing ......bring back my mate Brad.
    This Company will never go anywhere under Hackett.

  5. 164

    Wow looks like ADV is going to be the new DEG over the next 12 months. Hope you guys held on!!

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