1. 1

    Lets see if this stock can head upwards

  2. 1.2k

    you will be hoping....their is big news about to break this sell trend...trust me i know.

  3. 49

    considering the amount of news (and all good) so far with hardly any movement thanks to the manip, i hope we get some news that rockets the you know what outta the sp regardless of the constant 'games' being played!

  4. 42.0k

    Great little rise today on ADY this morning. Hit 13c which it hadn't for at least a week.

    Maybe set now for a run. Does anyone know if Index Options have sold out yet?

  5. 21

    Trying to buy at 12.5. just missed the small run this morning.

    Think I will be able to pick some up still below 13 today?

  6. 1.2k

    They must of sold out by now I think. If not they could be holding for a better price as the CEO is going to see if they can extend their Zinc and Lead exploration leases. Should be good news on Iron Ore and Lithium soon.

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