Start of price turnaround today

  1. 99

    Price movement today is not unexpected as 14 cents was a basement bargain deal IMHO. More to come as per previous posts. Won't be surprised to see it move to the 16-18 cents range tomorrow. Just wish I had more money before it rockets too far.

  2. 6.7k

    well well well

    ive just checked in on this and seen the finish.

    about a quarter of the top 100 finished in the black with a few unchanged from yesterday.

    so to add to these when a great deal of the market ended in the red we have ady finishing 7% up.

    only on small volumes tho which is good.

    whos into elliot wave? is this the beginning of the B leg after the initial 5 legs? if so expect a move to 16 then a further downward leg then a solid move up

    nice take of 14.5 as well - just under 900000.

    this could mean something in the wind

    time will tell although adr's should start trading soon - next week??

  3. 253

    yeah - 'rumour' says next week they trade. definitely looked like the begginings of a turnaround today though IMHO - maybe some leakage on the news front ?

  4. 561

    Yeah, im happy with that move today. After a nice solid 14c platform. Though you speak about ADR's... Wernt that meant to start trading like 3 weeks ago!!!???

  5. 561

    I hope its leakage on the news front. They are overdue for a nice announcement!!!!

  6. 42.0k

    as per asx news realease after the bell

  7. 6.7k

    well 10 grand is 10 grand.

    although you would think that with the money he is on he'd be picking up a lot more along the way.

    not really a confidence booster

  8. 111

    Damned if you do damned if you dont.

    Cant win eh Phil.

  9. 6.7k

    probably just loose change he found behind the lounge


  10. 26

    poor bugger just wanted his holding in a nice round number so he can do the valuation maths in his head :-)

    I'd prefer to have seen any director but Phil buy in, no-one is doubting Phil's commitment

    14 cents the lowest we'll see on this stock ever again for mine.... assuming we get a positive announcement in next month

    BTW Aden if ADRs had started on 26/9/05 there would have been announcement ergo they haven't

  11. 770

    Good to see Phil buying. If you want to look for the negatives all the time then go ahead, but that's no fun imho. He's is putting in some extra cash, which can only be viewed as a positive.

    What I want to know is, when did he actually get them. Announcement says 14 Oct, which I think is tomorrow if I am not mistaken?? LOL. Price also works out at 15c, but the only buy at 15c was 2 mins before close in the 150k chunk?? 71,104?? lol, I think you might be right about the math.

    Anyway, does seem like we've hit the low point. Very low volumes, even when market tanks 50 point early today so everybody in must be committed, which is really amazing. You would think today's the perfect day, and last week, to bring in a few U-boat sells, hit the buy side with a few hundred, trigger some stops.... but nothing. Thats another big positive imho. I really thought 12c was on the cards when we started heading south last week. Looks like the possibility is behind us though, Touch wood!

    Aden, I think you need to learn that management will always provide you with the best case scenario, they are also going to talk it up. A lot of the time things come up, either things they accounted for, and knew it was never actually going to be that quick and easy, or sometimes things out of left field. As long as nothing fundamental changes, waiting a few more weeks, for a longer term investor as you claim you are, shouldn't bother you on bit. It shouldn't even register imho.

  12. 561

    Thanks bailej03,

    I am a long term investor. But im also on the novice (attempting to learn) side. So looking at stocks in the RED each day isnt a great confidence boost!!!! lol.

    Im not selling out till they are in production with the Lithium mines... Unless they spike crazily so $1 or more before then!! lol

    Always wishful thinking here.

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