1. 19

    People must understand that regardless of what ADY have in the ground and regardless of what infrostructure they are planing on putting on the surface , there wont be any specific movement in the stock until an agreement to supply is reached with either a country IE; China or a very large company IE;Rio tinto ...everything in between is just speculation.

    For those that think they know keep buying it could be the last chance at these prices and for those that don't know ...get out of this stock and don't look past the top 100 ...!!!

  2. 770

    I hope you know they have an Iron Ore Contact, they have Potash also now. The only one of significance to secured now is the Lithium. I'd say once they have progressed further this shouldn't be a problem.

  3. 1.2k

    If we have a serious correction in the resources sector no stock will be spared. I remember in a few crashes and downturns that stock were trading at less than half their cash backing. Do not for one minute think that it cannot happen. To you and me this may look like a cheap entry but the market forces can make it even cheaper after you buy. What I am saying is look at the big Macro picture, what is the resource outlook over the next 12 months? I think it may be choppy but still in overall uptrend.

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