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    ...not sure why. They announced a new MD for their RE project. That still looks like it will be spun off and the potential spinoff was announced a month ago....maybe their roadshow got some institutional investors interested?

    NB. I am a holder. Best wishes to other holders.

  2. 2.5k

    rare earth look at TMRC in states

  3. 523

    No...it's not RE. The price spike was in anticipation of drilling results for the second BODA hole. ALK has said consistently the results are due this month. No they are in a Trading Halt because the results will be released on Friday. ALK has called the results 'significant', which is about as close as ALK gets to hyperbole. If they confirm that BODA is on par with Newcrest's Cadia Valley (the first drill hole exceeded Cadia), then the current $1.04 indicative open may well be exceeded. This is on top of a maiden resource announced for Roswell last week of 7.02Mt @1.97g/t Au (455,000 oz)....and they are looking very well-prepared for spinning off the DZP RE project having put in place a MD for that project. I suspect they will not 'sell' it; they will simply hive it off as a share split.

    NB I am a holder. Bet to all other holders

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  4. 14.8k

    ###ALK has called the results 'significant',###

    That's code for the SP needs help.

  5. 2.5k

    very impressive results

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