1. 4.5k

    Is being hammered, I don't know why?? Their assets are in the Northern territory so can't be affected by S.A Labors policy regarding no expansion (which is hitting pnn, sauo, hmr).

    All looks good to me, anyone else got a view as to why its going down?

  2. 52

    Only reason I see is lack of announcements combined with recent placement of 7mill shares at .24c. Profit taking ?

  3. 9.3k

    I agree Blackburn, good time to buy and just as good to top up around placement price... have topped up more today (been holding and trading small parcels for 6months).

    Seems depth has started to return.

    Good Luck

  4. 207

    Looking at the chart I cannot see anything +ive about ARU. At best it will not drop any further.

    I see a deceasing triangle since Aug with surport @ 26 cents.

  5. 5.3k

    this is an accumulate leading into '06

    sow and reap your rewards

    a no brainer

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