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    NUMBER: PR-25/S.MBU. /3/2021
    Minister of SOEs Erick Thohir: Establishing IBC Is the Right Move
    to Promote SOE’s Competitiveness, Investment and National Energy Resilience
    JAKARTA, March 26, 2021 – The Ministry of SOEs continues to support its aspirations of
    opening new job opportunities and strengthening national energy resilience. The Indonesia
    Battery Corporation (IBC) has been established as a holding company dedicated to managing the
    electric vehicle battery industry's ecosystem, integrated from end to end.
    The shareholders' agreement, signed on March 16, 2021, marked the establishment of IBC. Four
    SOEs in the energy and mining industry signed the agreement. Those SOEs were MIND ID, a
    holding company in the mining industry; PT ANTAM Tbk; PT Pertamina (Persero); and PT PLN
    (Persero), each of which holds 25% of the share.
    The Minister of SOEs Erick Thohir held a virtual press conference on the establishment of IBC, on
    Friday (3/26). He said that this establishment is the government's strategy, particularly the
    Ministry of SOEs, for fully unlocking the potential of mineral resources in Indonesia. "We aim to
    add more economic value in the energy and mining industry, especially the nickel industry, which
    is the main material used to manufacture EV batteries. We also aim to develop the electric battery
    industry's ecosystem and contribute to sustainable development goals. Besides, such a large- scale investment would open many work opportunities, particularly for the young generation,"
    Erick explained.
    IBC will manage the electric vehicle battery industry's ecosystem, and develop partnerships with
    third parties, which are the major players in the technology industry and the global market. This
    partnership will establish joint ventures across the electric vehicle battery industry's value chain,
    from nickel processing, precursor materials, cathodes, battery cells and packs, energy storage
    systems (ESS) to recycling. As of today, the company approached several global companies in
    the electric vehicle battery industry, including companies from China, Japan, South Korea, the
    United States, and Europe.
    "We are willing to partner with anyone as long as they meet three conditions: bringing investment
    across the value chain, introducing technology, and [enabling us to enter] the regional or global
    market. It is essential to meet the three conditions to enable integrated development of the EV
    battery industry through strategic cooperation," explained Erick.
    Indonesia has significant potential to develop an ecosystem for electric-powered vehicle and
    electric battery industries. In the upstream sector, Indonesia's nickel resources and production
    rate are the highest globally, with the reserve amounting to 24% of the world's nickel reserve. As
    for the downstream industry, Indonesia has great potential to acquire the market share of two- wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles in the amount of 8.8 million units and 2 million units
    respectively in 2025. With the competitiveness that the supply chain has, at least 35% of the
    electric vehicle components can be locally sourced.
    -2- Among those who attended the press conference was the Vice Minister 1 of SOEs Pahala N.
    Mansury, the Leader of the National EV Battery Project Acceleration Team Agus Tjahajana
    Wirakusumah, the CEO of MIND ID Group Orias Petrus Moedak, the Director of Strategy,
    Portfolio, and Business Development of Pertamina Iman Rachman, the General Director of PLN
    Zulkifli Zaini, the General Director of ANTAM Dana Amin, and the General Director of Pertamina
    Power Indonesia Dannif Danu Saputro.
    Thus, this press release is written to be made public as applicable.

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