1. 688

    Pilots stop being a fuckwit for once in your life.

  2. 844

    14:1 ratio now

  3. 844

    17:1 ratio now

  4. 1.1k

    The sky is the limit, $5 is on its way.

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  5. 844

    19:1 ratio now

  6. 1.1k

    Rockerrob, whats the hold up with the Rig, IS it coming from Canada or some place far far far away????.

  7. 5.7k

    19:1 ratio now??????

    How do you come to those figures?

    I can see 8 props above 20c where a concerted s/t push down was evident and actually had a low volume bounce from.

    Needs a higher low and higher high now with a bit of volume both ways and it may even confirm a bottom now. After all there ain't many goldies left at all that haven't left the station.

    But imo operationally still needs alot to go it's way to have chance of long term survival.

  8. 844

    "How do you come to those figures?"

    They were calculated at the time of posting.

  9. 5.7k

    What figure u at now?

  10. 844

    Do you own a calculator?

  11. 5.7k

    Stopped using one of them in grade 2.

    Worked out 55378008 was never gunna be bettered in the digit letter game

    25 buyers for 931,903 units

    15 sellers for 127,630 units

    Yes on overall lined volume there appears more buyers lined then sellers

    But these sort of numbers should not be included????? Should they
    Pushing half the total lined depth.
    1 400,0000 .060

    Seems trying to pump it or at least set it for one ...but it's a struggle

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  12. 1.1k

    And the ratio now IS??????.

  13. 844

    As you dont know how to use a calculator its 11:1

  14. 1.1k

    LOL,On the sell side????.

  15. 844

    Are you retarded or special needs? I just want to know so I can respond for your better understanding.

  16. 1.1k

    The only retarded here are the holders of this puppy, found the rig yet???.

  17. 844

    21:1 ratio now

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