1. 448

    Into the 20’s today.

    Might buy a few at 5c and wait for the next CR pump.

  2. 3.1k

    ramper to down ramper ??says it all while the few who knew have warned for months dyor

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  3. 3.1k

    just as a matter of interest seeing it’s now a year on , how’s that talk of 40 - 50 million a year revenue and a plant upgrade going . a few have warned on this dud out of cash by march 1/4 imo

  4. 448

    The reply is on HC, same place you nicked the question.

    Good buying here in the teens maybe? Won’t be long.

  5. 3.1k

    go the dud waste of time will never be a commercial mine dyor all been warned for months imo

  6. 3.1k

    welcome to dud city..dyor

  7. 3.1k

    where are the dud rampers ??not getting paid to ramp no more ?? go the dud all were warned

  8. 448

    Huge sell off coming here imo. Fark knows how they got insto backing for this dog with fleas.

  9. 3.1k

    Your a classic..go the dud

  10. 448

    Can’t believe it’s holding at 30c. Should be 5c tops.

    CR coming.


  11. 3.1k
  12. 3.1k

    The company looks like its gone into a trading halt.....

    I think they are going to tell the market a detailed structure on their mining plan, Also i think we put through the plant record material this month and the profits are substantial and we have 100's of tonnes in the stock pile...

    Then looking again, last trade was yesterday at 1.02pm and the bid as weak as pizs and absolutely NO interest from anywhere and holders trapped because nothing to sell into....

    Why did we consolidate again???????

    Because we couldn't be taken seriously by investors being a penny stock?


    To have the insurance money could be raised and holders diluted to nothing to keep the cogs turning....

    Simple to answer..

    What a shambles of a stock and with highs of gold to boot..

  13. 1.6k

    Maybe the wheel fell of the wheelbarrow used to tip any loose change left down the shaft ?

  14. 3.1k

    gold getting smashed go the dud could not turn a profit with gold at record highs..

  15. 448

    Agree. Once in a generation gold boom totally wasted by AUL. The market stopped listening to the ‘gunna gunna gunna’ bullshit years ago.

  16. 3.1k

    Gold smashed again down another 28..gold money going into crypto

  17. 448

    Right again Saddo. This dog is going back under 20c.

  18. 3.1k

    Time to have a look at Platinum ?
    Tue 24 Nov 2020 07:26:25 GMT
    Author: Giles Coghlan | Category: News

    A great time to buy Platinum?
    Platinum is approaching its best time of the year as the metal tends to gain from mid-Decemebr over the first couple of months of the following year. Is this potentially a good time to go long?

    Demand outstrips supply

    There is a basic skew to the market where demand for Platinum is out stripping demand.

    The chart below shows the annual supply changes from 2019 -2020. The left hand side is the 2019 supply level. The right hand side is the 2020 forecast supply.

    And now for the demand side.

    The right hand blue bar shows the demand for 2019 and the right blue bar shows the demand forecast for 2020. Now notice a deficit of -1,202 koz compared to an estimate of just -336 koz.
    Then take a look into the future and you can see that demand is expected to rise in 2021 to 8089 koz - look at the chart below and the right hand side-
    And the supply side for 2021? Well it is still below demand -

    So platinum is a market where demand is expected to outstrip supply. There is a strategic role for platinum in the growth of the hydrogen economy too, so demand could expand. There is lots more to be said, but you can access some of the latest research from the World Platinum Investment Council here. Read pages 1-6 for a decent summary and page 4 for the investment case in a nutshell.

  19. 448

    Here comes the dump to 20c. Feel sorry for anyone who paid 30c on the CR.

  20. 3.1k

    could not make a $$ at aussie gold $2700 now $2400 go the dud

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