1. 1.6k

    They will call for a long TH.

  2. 428

    Try to stay relevant old boy

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  3. 1.9k

    dear o dear dont you hate stocks that go up rxl $$$$$$$$$$

  4. 1.9k

    gold boom the dud at all time lows ..no surprises here dyor

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  5. 1.6k

    The smart ones here are unloading, its ONLY the suckers who are trying to pump the SP.

  6. 1.9k

    rxl $$$ more excellent results

  7. 1.6k

    aul run out of $$$.

  8. 1.9k

    rxl $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ vmc $$$$$$$$$$$$$ next hlx . hip worth a watch dyor .... as far as the dud a great tax loss

  9. 5.7k

    Should be a great day for most goldies.

    Good making new 12 month highs..getting closer to that 1800 level......and now within sight of all time highs. Weekly looking beaudiful.

    I won't cross promote.......just will reiterate"MOST".

    SPEC sector craziness is high and nigh for "MOST".

    Companies with quality, easy to mine deposits will always rise to the top.Something the faithful here will always be lacking.

  10. 575

    Opinion from a prison guard

  11. 5.7k

    Get with the times

    Clickerty clack most days now.

    But got a week off now. Just in time to skim and play me beloved goldies

    Love to chat but😂

    MEI running hard

  12. 5.7k

    Opinions are like arseholes.everyones got one.

    Just with most nearly all stocks within the gold sector breaking upwards out of their trading ranges lately and this still languishing at all time lows,seems mine are more correct than any pie in the sky rampers have been for some time.

    Try and unload a quantity....bit hard hey. As Sandy says good for nothing, but a tax right off against wins.....right time of year at least.

    Needs the joint up the road to have anychanc,so needs 5-10m. The ol modular plants gunna need a rebuild soon enough too

  13. 3.1k

    How's the shit show goin over ere ?.......🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. 169

    Better than D13 you sad fucking cucks.

    1000 bagger P&D plans are being finalised now apparently.

  15. 5.7k

    Remember when!!!!!!

    Well and truly time to move on boys and girls

    Too many winners out there to be bogged down in these times with losers.

    I didn't hold any d13 on its death knock so was lucky to be taught a free lesson on the virtues of a tech spec without losing dollars on it..

    Use this as a lesson ,move on...... if the companies virtues,potential or trend ever do change. You can always buy back in on the action.

  16. 1.9k

    rxl $$$$$$$$$$$ vmc $$$$$$$$$$ real gold story ..aul dud city,,imo

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  17. 3.1k

    👍🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣1000 bagger.....🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    D13 is fuckoed......but feel free to check out my old posts on LEG....FHS....DEG for some inspiration......👍😉

  18. 1.9k

    hlx .007 raise %100 in 3 weeks 1.4... HIP trade halt ..be another %100 banger while the dud is the usual dud... dyor good luck

  19. 1.9k

    dud again tax loss winner for 2020...watch hlx hip imo dyor...

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