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    Sob! Are we your only friends Marky Mark???


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    haha well if you know who I am then you know I have no shortage of friends IRL

    where's the price going next week for AUL? can the insiders & Top 20 keep propping up this puppy?

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    Lets see how well the propping up works next week, bet the unpaid contractors are happy to know AUL has funds again.

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    Sorry Newpilots, there's no propping going on either.
    Right now there is interest in old gold mines with gold price so high - so I think genuine interest. 👍🏻😉

  5. 1.6k

    03boz, Wrong this puppy has been propped all day, if it was not for the "Price Protection Committee" this puppy would not be trading, The trouble they had was the FACT that no institutions would touch it, no fund managers, no banks, nothing, no one wanted to get in to bed with them, they had NO choice but to pass the hat around.
    BUT!!!! this "IS" where it gets interesting, the punters who have stumped up the money now will be watching each other to see that none of them are unloading, I have seen this happen before, and man it can get nasty.

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    No shares involved....

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  7. 460
  8. 3.6k

    Bitcoin investing makes sense as part of an investment portfolio in this current economic environment with a weak dollar, former U.S. Federal Reserve governor Kevin Warsh said during a Squawk CNBC interview.

    Warsh said that part of the current large inflow of funds into bitcoin (BTC, +6.74%) has come from gold. "I guess if you are under 40 bitcoin is your new gold," the former Fed governor said.
    “I think that bitcoin does make sense as part of a portfolio in this environment where you have the most fundamental shift in monetary policy since Paul Volcker ... I’m not surprised bitcoin is doing what it is doing,” said Warsh.

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    Bitcoin smashed through $37,700 to hit a new record high on Thursday as the cryptocurrency’s massive rally continues.
    The cryptocurrency is up about 29% since the start of 2021 and in the past 12 months has surged over 380%.
    The value of the entire cryptocurrency market, which is made up of bitcoin and other digital coins like ether and tether, surpassed $1 trillion for the first time.

    Chesnot | Getty Images
    GUANGZHOU, China — Bitcoin smashed through $37,700 to hit a new record high on Thursday helping to lift the total value of the entire cryptocurrency market above $1 trillion for the first time.

    The digital coin hit an all time high of $37,724.67 at around 11:44 a.m. Singapore time, more than three hours after blowing past $36,000, according to data from Coindesk.

    Bitcoin was over 5% from a day earlier at around 1:04 p.m Singapore time.

    The cryptocurrency is up about 29% since the start of 2021 and in the past 12 months has surged over 380%.

    Meanwhile, the value of the entire cryptocurrency market, which is made up of bitcoin and other digital coins like ether and tether, surpassed $1 trillion for the first time early on Thursday, according to data from Coinmarketcap.

    Bitcoin’s resurgence has been attributed to a number of factors including more buying from large institutional investors. High profile investors like Paul Tudor Jones, for example, have been buying bitcoin.

    Many bitcoin bulls say the cryptocurrency is akin to “digital gold,” a potential safe haven asset and a hedge against inflation. In a recent research note, JPMorgan said bitcoin could hit $146,000 in the long term as it competes with gold as an “alternative” currency. The investment bank’s strategists noted that bitcoin would have to become substantially less volatile to reach this price, however. Bitcoin is known for wild price swings.

    The idea of bitcoin as a hedge against inflation has continued to gain steam as governments around the world embark on large-scale fiscal stimulus programs. Analysts argue this could cause a spike in inflation.

    “This latest bull run in January is sure to attract the asset managers’ attention to diversify even more of their assets to crypto as they are keen on finding alternative investments, such as cryptocurrency or gold, to hedge inflation and geopolitical risks,” Simons Chen, executive director of investment and trading at cryptocurrency financial services firm Babel Finance, told CNBC.

    “A large number of retail investors have also joined the race recently as they fear to miss out on opportunities to make easy, quick gain from the latest bull run,” he added.

    But some bitcoin critics — such as David Rosenberg, economist and strategist at Rosenberg Research — have called bitcoin a bubble.

    “The parabolic move in bitcoin in such a short time period, I would say for any security, is highly abnormal,” Rosenberg told CNBC earlier this month.

  10. 21

    Not sure if Bitcoin has any relevance to AUL, besides being a cruel joke on potential investors. But AUL, not impressed. They found gold!!! Sort of.

    But the widths at depth were - unimpressive. If gold was $4000USD I might feel differently. But I'll steer clear thanks.

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    if you bought 1 bitcoin at $5k in march when the aul scam kept rubbishing on started you would now have $50k dud is a dud

  12. 21

    Most sane people don't touch bitcoin. For every lucky punter there are more - that have been burned. The cycle is repeating. Only the last week has the MSM been 'reporting' the gains. Sucking in more Mom's and Dad's. I hope they make money. Previous bitcoin history says they won't due to lack of experience and confusion.

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    he number of addresses holding over 1,000 bitcoin (worth of approximately $37.5 million at the current price) is now at 2,334, a new all-time high, after the number dropped at the end of December by 3.7% to 2,221. This is an indication “whales” (large bitcoin holders) have been bullishly accumulating more bitcoin and driving the price higher.

    The 2,334 addresses each holding more than 1,000 bitcoin represents a gain of more than 30% compared with the end of 2017, the height of the previous crypto bull market, according to on-chain data site Glassnode. The metric has been on the rise since mid-October 2020, but suffered a temporary 4% drop between Dec. 18 and Dec. 26.

    The number of addresses holding more than 1,000 bitcoin.
    Source: Glassnode
    “The dip and renewed increase at the end of December shows relatively little interest in profit taking on the part of these large holders, even though almost all holdings are currently in profit,” according to CoinDesk Research’s quarterly review report published on Jan. 7.

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    Data from BitInfoCharts also shows there are 6,633 addresses holding bitcoin worth more than $10,000,000 and, according to crypto exchange Kraken’s market recap and outlook report for December 2020, bitcoin addresses with more than 100 bitcoin accumulated an additional 47,500 bitcoin (currently worth $1.8 billion) throughout December because of the price rally.

    The so-called “Bitcoin Rich List” reflects rising institutional involvement in the bitcoin market since the beginning of 2020. Another sign of that is the fast-growing volumes and open interest on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), an institution-focused derivatives exchange.

    At the press time, bitcoin’s price was trading at $38,290, down only moments after breaking the $40,000 landmark for the first time ever. Only the day before, it crossed the $36,000 mark for the first time. The total value of the whole crypto market also surpassed the $1 trillion landmark on Wednesday.

    Read More: Bitcoin Tops $40K for First Time, Has Doubled in Less Than a Month

    “While the 2017 bitcoin rally was largely driven by retail frenzy, the 2020 rally was driven mainly by institutions,” according to CoinDesk Research’s report . “The accelerating rhythm of large institutional investors publicly talking about an investing in bitcoin as a portfolio asset has not only lent validation of bitcoin’s role in portfolios; it has also attracted the attention of other investors. This self-reinforcing loop is likely to continue into 2021, especially given the mounting uncertainty around currencies and inflation.”

    A chart from Arcane Research summarizes the institution's money bitcoin rush in the last three months of 2020.(Arcane Research)
    Bitcoin’s market capitalization currently stands at ninth on asset tracking website Assetdash’s asset list, only lower than that of electric vehicle maker Tesla. That company’s CEO, Elon Musk, replaced Amazon’s Jeff Bezos earlier Thursday as the richest person in the world after Tesla’s share price soared.

  14. 460

    Bitcoin. The next MED.


  15. 3.6k

    go the super dud

  16. 3.6k
  17. 3.6k

    super dud of 2021..3 years winner in a row dyor

  18. 460

    Agree. Can’t understand why it’s not at 5c or less.
    Hopeless dog it is.

  19. 3.6k

    He is your archetypal hustler who has no real knowledge of his subject (mining in this case) but has an ability to seize on a term or subject and seemingly expound on it without offering any real substance. Cases in point are his incorrect spelling, lack of understanding and misinterpretation of various industry terms and doctrines.
    There are a few who contribute to this forum who have a real connection to mining and Morning Star/Woods Point in particular (myself included) whose input should be seriously considered rather than derided.
    It is almost criminal that he has been able to tout his unmitigated garbage here leading to unsuspecting naive mum and dad investors to part with their hard earned only to see it being whittled away due to the ongoing failures of the company to perform.

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  20. 3.6k

    more shuffle the decks of the titanic ..frank did the right move and ran months ago..

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