1. 3.1k

    Reminds me of......cotttton kiiiiing......rolmfao.....aul/mnm has seen more "white knights" than a Disney movie.....

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  2. 29.0k

    just another big mug punter

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  3. 2.5k

    Not an astute sophisticate like you and the tipster.

    D13. MED. Just two of your buys that show how razor sharp you flogs really are.


  4. 29.0k

    And dud from 29 to all time record lows of .003 and currently insolvent imo .mass diution .while gold has boomed ..mkt says it all. dud and a mass 100 to 1 butcher job to come if deal gets thru

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  5. 3.1k

    placebo69 22 May
    It is either a complete dud as you say, or it will make the insiders and game players rich on a 500% pump from .4c to 2c.
    If the next Ann is designed to kill off the big sells at .5c and get bids in the .7/.8c range then it’s the latter.
    If the next Ann does nothing for the SP then it’s probably all over here.

  6. 29.0k

    last 1/4 had $537k cash and outflows by next week end of 1/4 of $476k ??? they need a1 more then a1 needs aul?? imo and near $1 mill on staff cost outflows DYOR big time good luck

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  7. 2.5k


    They are raising $4.4m in London now. Word is they could raise ten times that if they wanted.

    $A POG flying.

    How are MED and D13 looking?


  8. 29.0k

    what happen to last $5.5 mill raised from uk mugs >>where has that gone??? go the dulux...

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  9. 29.0k

    why no aussie mugs getting in on the down the shaft why have they got to suck in more UK punters?? play?? i hope for punters sake more uk mugs get into it for a possible exit for suffering holders..good luck

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  10. 975

    Hey retart, are you that fool HG (little)IQ punching the keyboard on the ect chopper?
    Thank god they banned me from posting, I'd certainly give it to the fools.......like you.

  11. 939


    Retarded spelling of 'retard'

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  12. 146

    tart. ... As an adjective, tart describes a sour taste, like lemon

    not untrue about you halfwits

  13. 29.0k

    Best results to date returned
    from drilling at Youanmi
    β€’ Drilling at the Youanmi Gold Project has intersected the highest
    gold grades seen in Rox’s program thus far. Results received from
    Youanmi South drilling include:
    RXRC063 - 12m @ 12.7 g/t Au from 80m
    RXRC064 - 12m @ 8.5 g/t Au from 44m
    RXRC053 - 4m @ 11.2 g/t Au from 110m
    RXRC066 - 4m @ 7.6 g/t Au from 76m
    β€’ Drilling at Plant Zone continues to define shallow, potential β€˜base
    load mill feed’ with new results showing continuations to shallow
    mineralisation^ including:
    RXRC038 - 4m @ 5.6 g/t Au from 24m
    RXRC047 - 30m @ 1.0 g/t Au from 96m (depth continuation)
    RXRC046 - 14m @ 1.7 g/t Au from 70m (depth continuation)
    Australian gold and nickel company, Rox Resources Limited (β€œRox” or β€œthe
    Company”) (ASX: RXL), in conjunction with its joint venture partner Venus
    Metals Corporation (ASX: VMC) is pleased to announce it has received the
    best results seen thus far in this drilling campaign at the Youanmi Gold
    Project (OYG JV).
    Rox has drilled over 9,000 metres and has received results for around 75%
    of this amount. Rox’s understanding of controls on mineralisation at Youanmi
    is rapidly increasing and as a result its targeting methodology has improved
    markedly as demonstrated by these results. The Company looks forward to
    potentially translating this into strong resource growth at the project.
    The RC drill program is ongoing and will continue into October, with resource
    estimation work to follow thereafter.
    The Company is testing both: (1) new conceptual targets that have the
    potential to open up new areas of mineralisation and (2) drilling out positions
    ASX: RXL
    Rox Resources Limited (ASX:
    RXL) is an Australian listed
    company with advanced gold
    and nickel projects in Western
    Australia: the Youanmi Gold
    Project, Mt Fisher Gold project,
    and the Fisher East and
    Collurabbie Nickel projects.
    Mr Stephen Dennis
    Mr Alex Passmore
    Managing Director
    Mr Brett Dickson
    Finance Director
    Shares on Issue 1,291m
    *Pre Share Placement announced
    Share Price $0.025
    Market Cap. $32.3m
    Cash &
    at 30/06/19)
    *Pre Share Placement
    announced 20/09/19
    Level 1, 34 Colin Street,
    West Perth WA 6005
    +61 8 9226 0044
    ^ see ASX announcement 09 September 2019
    Level 1, 34 Colin Street,
    West Perth WA 6005
    +61 8 9226 0044
    of the significant Youanmi gold deposits or areas where there is potential for repeats.

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  14. 29.0k

    the dud needs the A1 dud more then A1 dud needs the MCO dud,,,,$3000 cost less $2200 sell = korda??? be careful..imo hope it wrks for suffering holders

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