1. 90

    Fat man you better get DEET and Yakka and Maoriori into action to start pumping over on HC. Lots of negative posts...

    Aren’t HC as compliant these days about taking posts down and banning posters for you??

  2. 90

    Fat man you can’t just wheel GEOrge out. He has no credibility and comes across as a total sycophantic moron.

    You should feel bad about snipping someone as inexperienced and simple as him. Do you have no shame??

    Who are you trying to dud into this mess at the moment? Hopefully they are reading some of these posts and can hold onto some of their cash?

    Are you having difficulties getting the shares issued in Axiom Nickel SI? I hope you haven’t taken and spent the cash already.

    Big problems on the way for you fat man..😁😁

  3. 200

    Geo you still not explained nor answered RM bribery stories and why Hon Minister Kam.....lost his job? Hon Minister apparently issued Axiom LOI, PLs in very speedy transaction. Please explain. RM got pissed off because he paid under the table and High Court quashed his PL due to or questionable signatures! It is all Black And white

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  4. 193

    Geo watches this thread on a daily- shivering Like a little pussy cat

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  5. 90

    Deet, Maoriori and Ahmes constantly emailed the fat man with details on any negative posts. Trying to curry favour i suppose, not that it has saved them from losing all their money.

    Hotcopper was always super helpful in censoring posts. In fact HC has always been a big part of selling this piece of sh$t stock and keeping the pump alive.

  6. 127

    People on HC are barking up the wrong tree. The ASX is not obliged to save shareholders or force a company to relist or whatever. AVQ is essentially a shell and it is allowed to be a shell while awaiting new capital to relist as a biotech or whatever if it so chooses.
    AVQ will automatically delist after a certain time which is 2 years of continuous suspension. Less than 12 months to go before AVQ is gone forever

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  7. 200

    His day on ASX are getting shorter and shorter.

    That does not and it shouldn't stop people suing RM for years of misleading, inducing and misrepresenting facts.
    Stealing money
    Unethical behavior
    And all the dirty games including chaos he caused in Solomons, Australia and UK.
    8000 shareholders lost money because of one guys ego and lies

  8. 239

    Timodill what are you on about my dear man? The only dirty games I am aware of come from your mates in the corrupt Solomon Islands.

  9. 200

    Really you still not answered Mr Kam.....big pay day and High Court asked RM the same question on how did Ryan Mount managed to have SAA/PL done in 3 days. Rm could not explain therefore all licenses were quashed.
    Or maybe ask Wendy about the $100k she offered you know to who.
    Maybe ask Wendy about all the phonecalls she makes on behave of RM
    Rumors go as far as RM calling......

  10. 193

    Geo -

    “Timodill what are you on about my dear man? The only dirty games I am aware of come from your mates in the corrupt Solomon Islands”.

    Look in your own backyard darling... Miss you. xoxo


  11. 90

    Hey GEOrge have you come up with any money for the Fat Man??

    He has to have the $150,000 AUD for Intertek. It’s the PNG company that did all the lab work that wasn’t paid for last year like everyone else.

    Unfortunately for you and your fat mate They already have a default judgement and the winding up application is in the WA Supreme Court listed for next Thursday 28th May.. oh oh......

    Better get the fat man a cheque or hope he manages to snip another wood duck to keep the show on the road .

    Perhaps only 6 days left of this farce!!!

    9..45 am next Thursday. Perth...

  12. 239

    Hey sluice do you think I am worried boy, fact is what ever happens will not affect me because I am cash positive. Clearly the fault lies with the corrupt SI may I wish them the best of luck with their new found friendship with President Chi Chi Pong and his never ending money supply. It is clear they make good bed fellows.

    Have a nice weekend all.

  13. 239

    Timodill you conveniently forget that Tovosia offered all the licenses to RM for a favour, RM called him corrupt, which he is along with many others.
    Now run along you insignificant little man.

  14. 193

    Shutup geo you goose

  15. 200

    What was the favour?

    Why would RM and Wendy offer/pay money/cash to Mr Kam...and Mr K and not take the offer from Toviosa?

    How come RM knows so well so detailed transfer and flow of the money???

    Obviously he paid the favour in 2014/15 then he had a fight then the high Court quashed all RM licenses due to unexplained Signatures and license Issuance processes!!!

    Why would Toviosa ask RM for a favour when previous Mines Minister resigned due to Wendy and RM posting pictures of him with Chinese at hotel and calling him publicly corrupted.

    RM also called other outside SI corrupted. Everyone is corrupt, inept, lies but RM with Wendy and his family are perfect!

    Now go and run to RM and tell him to give us and investor money back that he has stolen!

  16. 239

    Mounty did I hit one of your raw nerves by stating fact?

  17. 193

    Geo- you have never stated one fact. You’ve been fed the wrong info for years, yet stated on multiple forums that it’s fact...

    That’s fact...

    Everyone knows you are just a goose and the more you dribble the better the case becomes :)

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  18. 993

    Geo was what we called a feeder, we would feed them just enough info so as the know you ARE on the inside, then you can feed them all the bull dust you want knowing full well they will post and help your dogs SP.

  19. 200

    Geo- your mate Mount is with some very corrupted people.
    Now, I see the strategy. Mount hangs out with corrupted people, Mount pays bribes, Mount spreads false information but let be the first ones to blames it on other people!

  20. 127

    Deet is such an idiot, the ASX does not wind up companies. Lol

    Can’t believe people think this Deet character is some sort of expert, doesn’t even know the basic listing rules

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