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    Hey geo you cock sucker, I can’t reply on HC because you have gotten me banned. For speaking the truths-

    This is what is needed, Ryan Mount is the most incapable Board Member on the ASX-

    Many people will never invest in a company he is involved in ever again!

  2. 2.1k

    Will never relist

  3. 148

    HC moderators are seemingly in on this as well. Strange how they moderate anything on the AVQ thread but the same topics on other stocks are fine.

    No new directors will ever join AVQ because they have no money to pay anybody! Bank account reads $0 and there are people chasing them for money plus back pay owing. It’s over!

  4. 44

    Waa waa waa. What a bunch of cry babies

  5. 225

    Get this multi scum off TS.

  6. 44

    Piast you are a whiny lil sook. All you do is repeat the same dribble over n over.
    Thinking i am Geo, you can’t even get that right

  7. 148

    No announcements since May, no monthly announcements since beginning February. What part of “monthly” does RM have trouble understanding? Lol

    No money to pay lawyers anyway, no hope in hell. Just a countdown until it gets delisted. Tick tock

  8. 44

    For someone who claims he has never held you sure post the same repetitive posts. Between you n piast I don’t know who is the bigger sook, at least he has the balls to say he holds AVQ unlike you

  9. 148

    Nico is upset awww need to defend your gay lover RM. don’t worry I am sure it will be next FMG any day now lmao

  10. 44

    Same old comeback. You are so predictable.
    Using what one poster said about FMG as being what all pro AVQ posters think and then constantly repeating it. No wonder you invested in AVQ. Must burn you that you fell for it. No wonder your here crying again

  11. 148

    The thing that is very predictable is that all you rampers defend AVQ and RM’s honour no matter what. It’s so easy to see where AVQ went wrong and why it’s 100% RM’s fault but you guys are either too dumb or too invested. Another thing that is so predictable is that you guys have been wrong every single time and will continue to be. Let me guess your comeback “watch this space “ LMAO

    That’s why it’s so funny, to see adults defending something like this and defending RM’s honour lol

    RM could care less about you losers, that makes this even funnier

  12. 44

    What’s predictable is that you invested in a stock and lost money and is now crying like a bitch. You categorise everyone who attacks you or doesn’t think the way you do as the same, saying they are RM lovers.
    The way you carry on you shouldn’t be investing. The fact is your a liar saying you never invested in AVQ

  13. 148

    Lol I never invested in AVQ. I saw this coming from mile away. Anyone who actually knew mining procedures and could read financial statements knew this would end badly.

    Just too bad some are easily fooled and listened to the know-it-alls like maoriori, deet, geo and other dudes who have no clue about anything and were likely in RM’a pocket lol

    This could delist tmr and idiots like yourself would still praise RM. lol absolute moron. How does it feel being member of this AVQ cult?

  14. 44

    You invested in this stock. Blind freddy can see that. You only post on the one stock thread and it’s the one you don’t hold, as if. You got sucked into this stock cause your read HC and now your crying like a bitch

  15. 44

    Is your FB page about AVQ still up

  16. 148

    Lol I never had a FB page about AVQ. You truly have no clue

    There is so much you don’t know. You have been wrong every single step. But believe whatever you want to believe of it makes you feel better about your poor investment lol

  17. 44

    Are you on drugs Picard. Show me where i have been wrong. I haven’t said a positive thing about AVQ.
    What i do believe is your a ex holder who can’t let go. Just look at your posts, it screams of being a burnt ex holder.
    You get your info from HC so your right there is alot I don’t know

  18. 2.1k

    never re list was a scam imo.. a lot of people made a lot of $$ on the scam imo..should be investigated dyor

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  19. 334

    no-one thinks this is real, do they?

  20. 2.1k
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