1. 268

    But sluice I understand your frustration when something fails to go your way but really I am here to make BIG $$$. Suggest you go back to the cradle.

  2. 156

    Fu#k off you putrid liar.

    When AVZ goes to $5 and AVQ goes to $5-$7 and your latest dog WRM breaks $1 which is really only 1 cent then you might start clawing back some of your enormous losses.

    At least they are only stocks you hold in your imagination so thats not a problem...

    Since AVZ is at 6 cents and was just a pump and dump from Klaus and Michal L it will never go anywhere and AVQ is at 1 cent (last issue price) and isn't even trading i'd say you are a LONG LONG way from even having any capital left never mind "BIG $$" What a total MORON.

    You know the stock needs to go up to make money don't you????

    Don't you see you are the only knob still pumping AVQ?? its dead mate. Sucked dry by fatty and friends and the carcass left at the ASX.

    Even DEET has stopped pumping. probably too embarrassed to post.

    Lucky you have no shame.

    I'm sure we will catch up one day when all the litigation starts. see you then buddy... :)

  3. 28

    Finally an Aussie company will get this mining in SI happening, will probably pick up all the AVQ mined stockpile for nothing.

    AVQ, as a Chinese listed and financed company, was never going to succeed there, isn't that right George?
    I know you've got a soft spot for the Chinese, and your mate Battyboy loves DimSum, keeps promising me when we meet next in Perth.
    You're judged by the company you keep and you're more likely to get big time than big money with the crooks you're associated with, the insider trading going on is criminal!

  4. 156

    Still pushing for a winding up order for AVQ so that books and records can be inspected.

    Creditor list is very extensive but Intertek are front running the actions. Plenty of other creditors behind them and there is a fair bit of organisation regarding how the liquidation will be run.

    the feeling is that there is plenty to investigate and a lot of avenues to follow down in terms of recovering funds.

    Shareholders won't benefit but should at least get some answers from the investigations.

    Looks like the Kolosori tenement is completely gone. I'd say that the Malachite Resources deal was finalised after the Axiom Court action was thrown out the door by the SI high court.

    End of the line for that fat time waster.

  5. 28

    The more he posts the more I think he's just a troll with zero skin in the game. How else could you defend axiom as blameless in their own demise??

  6. 10

    Contact details for( Axiom /RM lawyer):
    Debt collectors
    Upset shareholders
    People seeking answers

    John Taupongi - Messrs Taupongi J.S. Law Office
    Tel: (677) 22693
    Room 162, Landmark Plaza
    Mendana Avenue, Town Ground
    P. O. Box R287, HONIARA

  7. 2.6k

    amazed ASIC not into this $100 mill scam imo

  8. 28

    ASIC has said they need the winding up order first, then they can investigate the trading while insolvent claim, let the court process play out, oh the irony RM loves a good court battle... just doesn't like being on the receiving end.

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  9. 2.6k

    easy case IMO just join the dots

  10. 168

    AVQ was never about mining, that’s for sure

    Now it’s just a shell. Not sure anyone will want the shell before it gets delisted in about 6 months

  11. 28

    Who does Deet post his dribble for? He's already got Geo bent over but who is taking this seriously now?

  12. 268

    Patster no one takes you seriously. You are too stupid to know what's going on behind the scene, suggest you pack up and go home and leave those in the know to deal with this injustice inflicted on our ethical, law abiding company.

  13. 218

    Behind the scene 😂😂-

    You have no idea what’s going on Geo- that’s why you went all in at 12c and are going too lose the LOT- You dumbass lol.. You are a joke and have been exposed-

  14. 2.6k

    not even worth a shell asic will de register the scam imo

  15. 10

    Mr RM owns lot of money. Since he gone business and transaction in Solomon good. He never mine he, all people dislike him.
    Landowner of San Jorg dislike him, tenement D dislike him, Kolosori dislike him. Wendy his wife pay brides. He is trouble maker only, not good for business. He lie a lot.

    Contact his lawyer if Mr RM owes you money.

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  16. 153

    I'll just leave this here:

    The Island Sun News
    rostSp2onso1hrefd ·
    Axiom may file for default judgement against State
    AXIOM Mining Limited (AML) has successfully won the first process of its judicial review case against the Government on the export permit.
    This was after the High Court granted an order to Axiom in its judgement on June 22, 2020 to file a Default Judgement against the state.
    According to Law.Com, if a defendant in a lawsuit fails to respond to a complaint in the time set by law (commonly 20 or 30 days), then the plaintiff (suer) can request that the default (failure) be entered into the court record by the clerk, which gives the plaintiff the right to get a default judgment.
    The Australian company filed a claim for judicial review against the decision of the Minerals Board, as well as a misfeasance claim against the Minister of Mines Bradley Tovosia and Director of Mines Nicholas Biliki for failing to properly exercise their powers under Regulations 70 and 71 of the Mines and Minerals Regulations pertaining to the company’s export permit application.
    This was after Mines and Mineral Board refused to grant Axiom an export permit, which has a lease to mine on San Jorge, Isabel province.
    The Foreign Investment Board has also cancelled the company's foreign investment certification forcing it to suspend all mining activity.
    As such, Axiom could not ship the stockpile of ores on San Jorge last year to its United States-based buyer, Traxys because it did not obtained a business license from Isabel Provincial Government.
    Myonnie Ann Tutuo, Registrar High Court & Court of Appeal, said the case is still ongoing.
    She said the case is listed for mention on October 22.
    Island Sun contacted Axiom’s lawyer, John Taupongi on whether he had already filed a default judgement against the Government but said he can’t disclose his client’s confidential information like that.
    Former General Manager of Axiom, Dr Phil Tagini earlier said the nickel mine project on San Jorge is projected to contribute up to 15 to 20 percent of Solomon Islands Gross Domestic Product (GDP) when in the full exportation phase.
    Director of Mines Nicholas Biliki told Pacific Beat in November 2019 that Axiom had failed to adhere to the conditions of its mining lease.
    He said Axiom only submitted a scoping study when it applied for its mining lease and not a feasibility study as required.
    He said Axiom would be granted an export permit when it fulfils its lease conditions.
    The loggerhead between Axiom and Government had also attracted the attention of the Australia government which the Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs demanding a fair treatment for the company in accordance with Solomon Islands laws.

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  17. 2.6k

    Rip avq..who is paying bills ?

  18. 156

    More relentless pumping. I think DEET and AHMES are just desperados that are clinging to any hope that their money isn't gone. ITS LONG GONE!

    Posting rubbish that doesn't mean anything.. Axiom has the right to lodge an application for a default judgement? Do you know what this even means?? nothing.!!

    What default judgement do you think you will be given? What specific orders will the court possibly make?? Fantasy world stuff.

    Just a desperate bit of waffle to try and give shareholders something to keep the dream alive. Deet needs to accept the reality and stop unfairly giving any hope to shareholders. There is $10 million in debts to real creditors and staff in front of any value return to shareholders..

    Malachite Resorces (MAR) has announced they have purchased both the Kolosori tenement and the Jejevo tenement by the purchase of sunshine metals and Kolosori Nickel. ( the landowner company).

    Their share price hasn't moved and the market cap is $4 million. that's its shell value. Why?

    If this is such a world class prize why has the share price not moved. How can the same tenement if it was given to Axiom would make the company a BILLION DOLLAR proposition??

    Simple. The real market puts zero value on the project. Axiom had a whole army of super pumpers and a team of conmen to relentlessly push the stock and to build a frenzy with inexperienced retail investors that got carried away. Lots of paid evangilists and then a few converts picked up who didnt need paying.

    The REAL market sees the project for what it is. An undefined resource in the Solomons with a LONG LONG way to go to get it developed. the market has valued the project at Malachite and that vale is zero. It absolutely shows what a complete load of BS Axiom always was.

    People should note that the Malachite MD gets paid $188k per year in total. A long way from the $1.3 million for that greedy fat pig.

    an obvious scam. Sorry to the investors that got skinned but its a professional team that has fleeced you .

  19. 153

    Cool story Slueth, not pumping just sharing an article. Not sure why you are so angry and I don't really care.

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  20. 156

    Just sad you lost all your money. Embarrassed that you didn't realise you were being lied to when you had that coffee with the fat man. He is a good conman though so you aren't the only one. He must have spun a wild story about the shipping that he knew was never happening? Did he at least pay for the coffee??

    Markoff got snipped for $6 million. Ouch.

    Its obvious the project is not considered worth anything because MAR share price has not moved. Thats a fact. Its there for anyone to see.
    Because it doesn't have an organised pump crew its not being artificially inflated.

    Be angry at the fatman not posters here. He stole your money not us. :)

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