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    I wish to advise you girls in particular the Chinaman called Wong. Be careful what you post on Hotcopper because if I deem any of your posts to be defamatory or not in Axiom's best interest then be assured it will be moderated.

    Thank you for your cooperation

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    Geo reason you always say be carefully what you post because it is defamatory. Is because you and Deet aka Ryan Mount worry about the truth.

    Sleuth spotted well. Ryan Mount is attacking Malachite for a while now. I was told Ryan Mount has actually attacked Mar Ceo over Jejevo which Ryan Applied for 8 years ago never got LOI and Never got landowners consent. Never got the PL. 8 years later Sunshine applied for it and Got. Last year Wendy tried to pay Jejevo landowners sbd100k to withdraw SAA from Sunshine. Fact. Very dirty game and against SI Mining Regulations.

    CEO which has drove business to bankruptcy is facing winding up orders has no websites no address no contact details for shareholders no financial reports no monthly reports and is surrounded by people with ??? Past is attacking Australian companies for years. Ryan Mount has also attacked Gunsynd from London which is run by australians.

    So Mr Geo you will have hard time in courts to prove this is defamatory where all above has evidence on paper. But the nice man from SI won't give us.
    But maybe next week we will post nice mining regulations here which will show your CEO negligence.
    We have a rule Chinese businessman never to attack each other in foreign country. Deet and Geo have no rules.

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    Mr Deet aka RM. More you attack people more people dislike you.
    I forgot you did physical attack someone at the coffeeshop and you did elbow in a bar a guy who got PL over another tenement.

    Over dead bodies to reach target but fact everyone turned away from you once they got to know your true nature.

    People read this forums and work out quick that RM himself is posting here. He CEO of a listed company why??? That is why no broker invested in you. Shame.

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    Thanks for your response Slueth.
    With JG involved in AVQ im sure he has a hand with some of the finances.
    Some of the ex holders from OGX think a reverse takeover was done and it wouldn’t surprise me if the same happened here

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    Wong what drugs are you on

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    Geo you are a cock sucker

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  8. 6.1k

    Looks like another Aussie Companynabout to be sucked in, on the SI Malachite MAR.
    Hopefully share holders will not be sucked into funding to much for this next MAR /SI scam
    I put the CEO and BOD of MAR in the same category as RM.....a bunch of con artists.

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    @shane, weren't you a top 20 holder in AVQ once upon a time also sucked in?

  10. 229

    Shane hardy was part the cheer squad


  11. 2.9k

    scam city imo

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  12. 6.1k

    Patster yes I was a top 20. Number 3 at one stage..
    I was not part of the cheer squad, but I did support the company until the lies started by RM.
    Both Rusty and I called him out .
    I still hold over 1 million options, which I believe will never be worth anything.

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    Funny, Deet is telling that no one will win with SI Gov.
    by the way, right now only Avq is suing SI Gov.

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    Evidence of W... trying to b.... landowners from another PL holder. Against Art 79.
    There is to this on file. Show how innocent Mr D..t is!

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    Mr D..t all this is public documents.
    company failed to notice 5.2.2 under mining regulation 18 point 9 Permtting - ML plus others. i.e. Business License. There is a letter from axiom acknowledging it needs BL for Isabel to operate.

    site visit to axiom show it had no equipment, no access to jetty, no access to loading , no ore at loading bay and only 10wmt vs 69wmt claimed

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    Mr D..t lies about KOLOSORI. lost that long time ago.
    case 2014 shows how much mess Deet and Geo caused in SI.
    illegal signatures,image and unrightful LOI and PL issuance to axiom over SMM PL. Documents executed within 3 days which need 30 days to do. Someone paid someone off???
    yes very innocent.

    this is public document

    only business achieved in SI was made up bullshit by Mr D..t and G.o and posting bullshit over forums to innocent investors.

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    Next date for resolving the issue Axiom faces in on the 22nd of October 2020.

  18. 40

    I think you'll find the winding up order in WA courts is on the 29th of October.
    But agree here's hoping that it is resolved and the company can be wound up as soon as possible so capital losses can be claimed.

  19. 171

    hahaha . Patster he is still trying to con shareholders into thinking that something is happening in the SI courts.

    Too sad. Didnt you know that this case will be the one to fix everything and award million of dollars in compensation to Axiom???

    Same sad lies being told by these fraudsters for 6 years or so. These dildo's don't even know what the hearing is for on thursday... Just repeating what the fatman says.
    I don't even think they have lawyers anymore. Just a joke of a company.

  20. 2.9k

    should of been wound up months and months ago

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