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    Timo I know that, Geo is nothing more , than multi faced clown, full of BS.

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    Geo and RM are finished in PE and Brokers world. His public interviews, phone calls and public threats finished him.

    Axiom , Geo and RM should a case-study in business and mining schools.
    Should be sued and chased for $100mln.

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    Timo please stop posting lies and fiction

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    Nico Syd

    Suspended for 1 year now?
    Rm could not and did not raise money at 10c and 8c and 6c and 2c?
    Lost $100mln of shareholders money?
    Talk of bribary during Sumitomo day?
    No friends?
    $1100000 salary for exploration company CEO?
    Mis-managed Chineses
    Mis-managed SIG
    Mis-managed Sumitomo
    Mis-managed Tenement D
    Mis-managed Kolosori
    Mis-managed Jejevo
    Mis-managed litigations
    Mis-managed UK
    Mis-managed Sydney
    Mis-managed funds
    Mis-managed finances
    Mis-managed your possible bribary

    Which is lies and fiction please explain!

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    Timo you lying flog, here's a question for you. Are you stupid?

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    Timo telling porky pies again

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    sandunes you add so much to this debate was wondering which asylum you reside in.

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    Welcom back Ahmes- Nico syd+Geo=corrupted team is back in full propaganda posting.

    Still non off you have answered why RM got the tenements over Sumitomo which was there before axiom in such quick process? And the talk on Isabel that RM paid big money for that service?

    High Court in it judgment has 2014 asked the same question and therefore quashed Axiom's PLs!!!

    Please answer.

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    Timo do you believe in the tooth fairy and leprechauns.
    Timo im guessing you believe that the earth is flat.
    Timo do you believe if you pull a funny face and the wind changes that it will stay like that.
    Cause I actually would believe in all that before your posts. Think you have read one too many fairy tales

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    Moe+geo+ahmes and RM corrupted bloggers- here is some fair tale evidence!!!!!!
    Smells to me like the bribery story about RM might be true hence he is knowledge on the matter so much that people questions how can one know so many detailed details - why???????????????

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    Geo, do you recall Mr Kam...... who was later thrown out of government for bribes!
    The fairy tales all sudden come out of woodwork.

    This should investigate RM and the funds. Someone with $100mln has enough power to pay off people.

    Can RM and Geo answer this stories?

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    You either have to be on the payroll or be incredibly stupid (or married to RM lol) to believe this will have a happy outcome lol

    Been suspended for a year, there is nothing in this

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    Lol Good to see the company released the Ann that was due 17th January...

    Absolute muppets...

    Maybe they sold all their computers and had the internet cut off..

    Hehe Geo- Tick tock buddy xoxo

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    All the best finding Auditor! I would not sign off the annual report. Imagine the recommendation or the notes.

    The Going Concern principles will be signed off by Geo and the auditor RM.

    Just based on the above shareholders should be suing RM and Geo not to mention the possible bribary stories going around since 2013

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    And yet Picard you’re still here posting.
    You can’t let it go can you.
    Timo is here cause he is working for the opposition, Mounty is here cause she loves Geo ( secret is out )
    But why are you still here posting the same shit

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