BFG expects first half profit (before tax) of approximately $22.5 million, up 59%

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    Wednesday, 10 July 2019 – Diversified financial services business, Bell Financial Group Ltd
    (ASX:BFG) (Bell Financial Group) today advised that it expects first half 2019 (1H2019) net profit before
    tax attributable to shareholders of approximately $22.5 million, an increase of 59% on the previous
    corresponding period.
    All business divisions across the Group have performed well during the period. The result was achieved
    on Group revenue of approximately $120 million, a 21% improvement on 1H2018 revenue.
    Earnings per share of approximately 5 cents are expected for 1H2019, up 35% on the same period in
    A more detailed breakdown of the numbers will follow the publication of our audited half year accounts
    next month.

    courtesy of Commsec
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    i hold BFG

    nice !!!

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    Bell Financial Group Ltd (ASX:BFG) today announced that it expects to report full year revenue of
    $292 million (FY 2020: $299 million) and full year profit after tax of $44 million (FY 2020: $46.7
    Revenues in the Technology & Platforms and the Products & Services businesses* were up
    approximately 10% on the previous corresponding period to $66 million, with profit after tax up
    10% to $15 million.
    The growth in these divisions can be directly attributed to our ongoing investment in leading edge
    technology through the development of proprietary systems and platforms, and suite of products
    and services.
    Full details will be provided when audited results are released in February.
    *The Technology & Platforms and Products & Services businesses include our online share trading platform,
    Portfolio Administration Services (PAS) and superannuation products, margin lending, client funds at call and
    structured loan products.

    courtesy of Bell Direct
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    i hold BFG

    i was hoping to rescue my investment cash here , but i suspect this news will not lift the SP up to my target price , i MIGHT get a chance in February with the audited results

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    Bell Financial Group Ltd (ASX BFG) today provided guidance that it expects first half 2022 earnings
    to be down approximately 45% on the preceding corresponding period (pcp).
    While all our business units remain profitable current market volatility and uncertainty around the
    outlook for interest rates, inflation and economic growth has resulted in the recent postponement
    of several capital market transactions and a corresponding reduction in corporate fee income of
    approximately 50% on a pcp basis.
    We have a number of diverse income streams and a well-managed fixed cost base which puts us
    in a strong position to manage market downturns and to continue to execute on our growth
    Our investment in technology, proprietary platforms and various products and services remains a
    priority. We expect to report first half revenue and profit growth in this segment of our business.
    Full details will be provided when the first half 2022 results are released in August.

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    i hold BFG

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