AUSSIES FIGHT To BUY BACK- - - - - - - - - -TOOT TOOT! Vegemite bought by Bega from US food giant Mondelez International

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    congratulations on being able to eat fried poo.

    btw your muslim buddies clearly like it too... maybe you can all get together and celebrate your general bad tastes.

  2. 3.6k

    Thanks SIXPAC for the award. But the only award I really want is for my grand-kids not to live in a violent Muslim Australia. Think it won't happen? Think how we have 'progressed' in the last 20 years. They were totally off the radar then. Now they are arriving by the planeloads (oh sorry, the government forgot to tell you - family migration - by legions) and the usual 'refugees'. And already causing problems our government(s) can barely handle. Whether it is social welfare, more jails, terrorism, crime gangs....ah...there are so many benefits from the region. We should call the rat-holes they came from - Dar Es-Salaam - for the many greatnesses they have brought to's 'bigly'. If you speak a bit of arabic you can catch the ridicule. I'm over it. One Nation is the only thing between us and the gurglar.

  3. 6.9k

    Yeah well it only takes a quick look at the new arrivals to Europe and the UK to see its no more than a miserable failure and its going to be the same here unless we stand against the unwanted & silly Islamic desires that simply suit their silly unwanted Islamic ways.

    What these wankers want to spread here has so far been a miserable failure in their own homelands and it's failed throughout the EU & UK and it's costing us all dearly.


    All in the SIXERS opinion no doubt but only according to the blinded b b b Bears out there 😎

  4. 3.4k

    To eat it straight from the jar you need a pretty big hangover.

  5. 3.4k

    Ban the Birka.

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  6. 2.2k

    If it keeps its Islamic Halal status (tax) then it is still taboo to me..

  7. 3.6k

    I think the censorship brigade they have in Canberra for movies and video games etc. They should have a hard read of the Quran. Each and every translation. Then thumbs up, or down. Common sense tells me what a person with common sense would vote. And if they had Australia's best interests at heart, instead of playing the fiddle to leftoid standards. They would have the good sense to ban it from this nation. It wouldn't pass 18C in its present form if given a hard look.

    When they realise - it is a blueprint for Muslim enslavement, or murder, of non-Muslims. And, most importantly - and distinctly, being the Word of 'GOD'. As in Allah. The Quran was, in fable, conveyed directly from one of 'GOD's' angels to his highness Mohammed. Who had a bit of religious form in his ability to memorise the bible. Each incident formed a part of the Quran, to enhance his position, power, and - and most important - seizure of women. And we suffer, along with much of the rest of the world, the result of this series of fantasies.

    Now 'GOD' is omni-present in monotheistic religions. He created all of us over time. So they say. So if he wanted Muslims to kill non-Muslims (or enslave them) as stated in his own words - transmitted to Moe. Then if he is such a perfect being, oh allah, why did he create non-Muslims? God is perfect. A being of peace and mercifulness. Why did he make the world largely - non-Muslim? Is it a challenge to his believers to kill or enslave the non-believers (some sort of lame 'TV' entertainment for the almighty), or maybe a sign of dementia (few billion years old - you get that), or is it all a fairy-tale?

    Just scratching the surface. There are all kinds of issues with the Quran - I could go on...and on. How anyone can believe it to be the direct (actually slightly indirect) word of god....I found it amusing 2-3 decades ago - but the alarm bells were ringing then. But now that the naivety/stupidity is an existential threat to human civilisation. It is not amusing anymore.

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    Peanut butter dispute lands in Australia's High Court

    Three years ago, Aussie owned Bega foods spent hundreds of millions of dollars buying back the iconic brand from American food giant Kraft Heinz.

    All was going well until Bega discovered Kraft was selling an identical peanut butter in Australian supermarkets dressed in the same yellow outfit as Bega.

    Bega was gobsmacked after paying so much for the brand, so they took the giant American company to court. And won.

    There was an appeal, and Bega won again.

    Now, Kraft Heinz has now filed for the matter to be heard in the High Court of Australia.

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