BHP Board Update and Director Declaration

  1. 70.5k

    In accordance with UK Listing Rule 9.6.14, BHP Group Plc advises that Terry Bowen,
    Director of BHP Group Plc and BHP Group Limited (BHP), has been appointed to the
    Board of Transurban Group (Transurban) with effect from 1 February 2020.
    We apply a 9 year tenure guideline as part of Director succession planning and
    therefore, as planned, Lindsay Maxsted will not stand for re-election at the 2020 BHP
    Annual General Meetings. As a consequence, there will be a limited period of overlap
    between Terry Bowen and Lindsay Maxsted on the Boards of BHP and Transurban.
    As planned, Terry Bowen has also been appointed as Chair of BHP’s Risk and Audit
    Committee, effective from 1 May 2020. Lindsay Maxsted will remain a member of the
    Risk and Audit Committee until his retirement from the BHP Board at or before the
    2020 Annual General Meetings.
    Mr Bowen is currently a Managing Partner & Head of the Operations Group at BGH
    Capital. Upon joining the Transurban Board, Mr Bowen will reduce his responsibilities
    at BGH, transitioning to a part-time role as Partner and Chair of the Operations

    courtesy of Bell Direct

    ( DYOR )

    i hold BHP

    probably bigger news for TCL but i don't hold them ( directly )

  2. 14.2k

    Bit of nothing news sal. I also hold bhp. Core holding, in top 10. Got fmg and rio too, too exposed to iron ore

  3. 70.5k

    about the main interest for me in the ann. was the 9 year tenure for directors ( which i have mixed feelings about ) ,

    if you snare an outstanding director you should keep him/her as long as possible , ( imagine if Buffet only had a 9 year reign at Berkshire )

    don't like RIO but haven't found a good entry for FMG ( that i would buy ) GRR has done OK for me in the iron sector as well ( my average is a whisker over 20c a share )

    am probably still too exposed to the financial sector but mostly away from the BIG 4 of which none are in my top 10 ( even counting LICs and ETFs )

    at years end ( December 31st 2019 )

    the snapshot looked like this

    ( by $value )

    1. WOW ( 'free-carried' ) ( most of this holding is up for sale ,but am still short of the target price and am in no particular hurry )

    2. MQG. ( 'free-carried )

    3. BHP ( some profit taken )

    4. APE ( at some cash risk )

    5. WES ( at full cash risk )

    6. JHG ( full cash risk )

    7. CLW ( full cash risk )

    8. EQT ( 'free-carried ' )

    9. CUP ( at full cash risk )

    10. CMW ( at full cash risk )

    just behind a number of former appearances in the top ten ( including PME and BBOZ )

    ( DYOR )

    the weighting in REITs is intentional as i moved away ( almost completely ) from interest-bearing securities , aka hybrids bonds and such )

    but although this looks good it still hasn't been 'crash-tested ' so how will it look when the tide goes out ??

  4. 14.2k

    That's an interesting portfolio, I've got a couple of your shares. Mqg and Wes I have quite a bit of, like you. Csl is another major holdings.

    You would be staggered in what my biggest holding is now, it's kgn. Only been buying it for 18 months. Sold nearly all my oil stocks, wpl I have only a tiny bit left and was buying kgn up-to 4.50, low was 2.7 from memory. Not sure what to do, might wait another 6 months when all holdings are in the capital discount bracket and lighten the load

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  5. 14.2k

    My biggest financial stock is mny. You got that too? Sold my jyc holdings at around 1.60. Should have bought back at low 1.40. I'm not sure about jyc because it's exposed to building

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  6. 70.5k

    no KGN , MNY or CSL ( outside of LICs and ETFs )

    but am close to fully invested ( about 95% ) but have a fair amount ( over 5% ) BBOZ and BBUS as something to sell into a crash

    i bought JYC as a result of a trip to Perth by road/rail ( in Jan. 2013 @ 36c ) betting on the long term growth of WA .

    an interesting question is if there is a major collapse will WA lead Australia in to recovery , it is pretty well beaten up by now and the mining sector is just starting to receive new ( serious ) investment , so 2 maybe 3 years out , mining might start to trend up ( for the correct reasons )

    the whole Oz economy is fragile ( except companies like the better gold miners and FMG )

    but love them or hate them without foreign investors the housing sector is facing terrible times ( would you lend to a newbie for 25 to 30 years when job stability is almost an ancient myth ) , past governments created this mess , to blame it on foreign investors is terribly insincere ( but they have been that for decades )

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  7. 70.5k

    NORMALLY when a stock i hold i hold hits the 120% to 150% range ( of profit ) i look to sell 40% of the holding and recover 100% of the investment cash ( and costs ) . PRG was the major exception to this strategy but it was later taken over so i will never know if i made the correct choice there ( but did make a very nice profit on a stock i would have rather held much longer )

    a stock has to take a direction i don't like for me , to willingly sell out completely

    ( the exception will be MBLHB if i can get my price , the hybrids sector looks like a mine field currently , to me

  8. 14.2k

    My only dog at the moment is Mxy. I drive past it alot for work, and that has pricked up my interest. I thought I picked it up on the low around 50 cents, watched it go to 65 on a future orientated announcement, to watch another profit down grade come out. Pharma in general is suffering in amercia, so I believe it's a good long term play. But not nice having that as your only red in the screen. I pride myself on having no red if at all possible, that's why I keep alot of the green ones.

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  9. 70.5k

    LOL i have plenty of red and at least 10 gone bust

    but when i get a winner 20% of the time it goes gang-busters ( 5 bagger plus )

    ISX .. 1.4c to $1

    BPG 0.1c to whatever it is now , but sold some @1.5c

    PME 16.5c to whatever it closed at

    MQG $26.76 to whatever it closed at

    TPM $1.40 to whatever it closed at

    CLV 24.5c to whatever it closed at

    BPT 52.5c to whatever it closed at ( had to wait 3 years from the entry opportunity )

    NST 87c to whatever it closed at

    TNE $1.10 to whatever it closed at

    CCP $6.20 to whatever it closed at

    BKL probably doesn't count because i bought , sold at a strategic opportunity and bought back later ( but the trade-off was extra WES before the COL spin off )

    and probably a few overlooked

    certainly not easy of without risk , but like winning the lottery .....possible if you have a ticket

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  10. 70.5k

    talking about interesting stocks one company that caught my eye in 2011 was ELX , there was a lot to like about what i saw

    , but i resisted buying as at the time they had a lot of debt and it was hard to see whether they owned the properties they had clinics on ( some or all of them ) or was strictly a tenant

    ( DYOR )

    i did not buy ELX but still peek at them ( say ) every 6 months

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  11. 14.2k

    Good Adelaide company, elx, haven't done as well as I thought though

  12. 70.5k

    had what looked to be nigh rents in the Brisbane clinic ( assuming they didn't own the property )

    but had a lot to like with the IT set-up and had some room for cheap improvements

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