London judges agree to reopen $7 billion Brazil dam lawsuit against BHP

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    Recommended all-cash offer for Noront Resources Limited

    Today, BHP Lonsdale Investments Pty Ltd (BHP Lonsdale), a wholly-owned
    subsidiary of BHP Group Limited, announced that BHP Western Mining Resources
    International Pty Ltd (BHP WMR), a wholly-owned subsidiary of BHP Lonsdale, has
    made a recommended all-cash offer to acquire all of the issued and outstanding
    common shares of Noront Resources Limited (Noront) for C$0.55 per share in cash.
    BHP Lonsdale, BHP WMR and Noront have entered into a definitive support
    agreement, whereby Noront has agreed to, among other things, support the
    takeover-bid by BHP WMR.
    Noront is a Canadian based mining company, listed on the TSX Venture Exchange. It
    is focused on the development of its high-grade Eagle’s Nest nickel, copper, platinum
    and palladium deposit and chromite deposits including Blackbird, Black Thor, and Big
    Daddy, all of which are located in the James Bay Lowlands of Ontario in an emerging
    metals district known as the Ring of Fire.
    Further information on the offer is in the attached document.
    Further information on BHP can be found at:

    courtesy of Bell Direct


    i hold BHP

    i missed this ann. this morning

    doesn't look like such a deal deal ( in the BHP universe )

    but will look closer later

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    Brazil's Vale to spend $400 million in 2022 to remove tailings dams


    i hold BHP

    i didn't see BHP pulling the plug on the JV here

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