BOT lists on ASX Medical Dermatology Company Botanix Pharmaceuticals

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    15 July 2016
    Medical Dermatology Company Botanix Pharmaceuticals lists on ASX
     Botanix Pharmaceuticals relists on ASX under code “BOT” after reverse takeover of
    Bone Medical
     Company develops prescription products for serious skin diseases including acne,
    psoriasis and atopic dermatitis
     Company raises $3.5M in heavily oversubscribed offering

    Perth, Australia; 15th July 2016: Medical dermatology company Botanix Pharmaceuticals
    (“Botanix” or “the Company”) will begin trading on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)
    today under the ticker code “BOT”.

    Botanix’s ASX debut follows its successful and oversubscribed capital raising of $3.5M and its
    acquisition by Bone Medical Limited, which was approved by Bone Medical investors in June.
    Botanix is a medical dermatology company using a novel drug active and proven drug delivery
    technology to develop prescription treatments for serious skin diseases, including acne,
    psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. Medical dermatology is a particularly attractive segment of
    the pharmaceutical industry with very few products in development and is characterised by
    many drugs that have significant side effects. In the initial acne target indication – no new
    products have been approved in a decade despite more than US$3 billion in annual sales for
    these prescription products.

    The Company has also licensed a novel drug delivery technology known as Permetrex™ which
    is designed to deliver pharmaceuticals into the skin more effectively than other approaches.
    Delivering drugs through the skin remains a significant challenge to overcome in creating new
    products, and this technology will be leveraged for the Botanix pipeline products as well as
    other potential product opportunities within the dermatology area.

    Executive Director Matthew Callahan commented, “Given that acne is the most common skin
    disease in the world and that our lead product under development is a topically applied gel
    intended to treat serious acne, our first product BTX1503 targeting moderate to severe acne
    presents a compelling investment opportunity in a space where there has been little
    innovation for a decade.”
    “I would also like to thank our investors in the lead up to today for their confidence in the
    Botanix program and management's plan to accelerate BTX1503 into human trials at the end
    of calendar Q1 2017.”

    About Botanix
    Botanix Pharma is dedicated to developing next generation therapeutics for the treatment of
    serious skin diseases. Our mission is to improve the lives of patients battling acne, psoriasis
    and atopic dermatitis, by providing new treatment options for conditions that currently are
    inadequately addressed or are treated with therapeutics that are burdened with side effects
    profiles. Botanix is harnessing the untapped potential of a synthetic active pharmaceutical
    ingredient known as cannabidiol, which is currently being studied for the treatment of
    epilepsy, pain, arthritis and schizophrenia and has a well-established safety profile. Botanix is
    preparing for the first human trials utilizing synthetic cannabidiol utilising a proprietary drug
    delivery system (Permetrex™) for direct skin delivery of the therapy

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    Your a bit late to this one Gass.
    no interest on TS but a nice open 20m vol after consolidation

    252m on issue, not sure if the share allocation to raise funds are live yet. 150m from memory, nothing major to be concerned of.

  3. 6.7k

    how do you think it will do.. do you like their product..and acne skin care market sector.?

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  4. 1.9k

    Let me put it to you this way Gass.
    Bne is the mutt in my litter.

    I put a bit into this and topped up. One of my first plays.

    In then down trended.
    If you can be bothered seach my history on HC and you will see the beating I got from hearts calling it a dead dog being pumped by inner management.

    Everything i predicted played out like clock work. I then realized I knew how to FA the arse end out of a stock, I had to go globle on BNE
    Aus UK Usa.

    As for the new face its about the only chnace of BNE getting its arse off the dunnie floor.

    I held BNE for one simple reason learning.
    I knew if i sold i would not look back.
    Then I turned to charts frollwing valid FA.

    Right now I like what BNE is doing and I think they are well partnered.

    We know what Biotech can do.
    With the now very small register and money in the bank 20m on opening day.

    i say some fruit will be on offer.

  5. 31

    Squillion lol i got a similar story on these ones lol...........looks like there on the comeback lol time will tell.

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  6. 67

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