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    Come on Ladies & Gentlemen,

    This is a good site to conduct great info about potential trades from traders.

    I personally am in way too heavy on BQT, but that was my!! choice & for what its worth I still retain a positive outlook hopefully pre Xmas.

    I even did something totally against the rules & removed my stop loss, once again my choice.

    So lets get back to civil conversation & intelligent input & improve the site , dont turn it into some poxy setup full of baggers.

    Im here to take advice & give it if I can help.



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    All, I've known Stockhopper for a while now and I must say, what's been posted above is unfair.

    If not for Stockhopper, I would be at least $100k worse off right now, and wouldn't have a stake in a very successful business that he introduced me to. His ranking supports he gets it right, more often that getting it wrong.

    I'll be the first to admit he got it wrong on BQT, but it was no ramp. And when I say got it wrong, I mean only in respect t what he expected from management.

    BQT management have absolutely let their shareholders down imo with the Monoco release blunder that's killed the sp. Sure, Stockhopper's enthusiastic about his stocks, but I've learnt to balance his enthusiasm with the facts and research that he also comes up with.

    Stockhopper shared every bit of research he did on BQT with me. Absolutely everything including the recent pdf he got access to from Monoco's website and a recent letter from Monoco themselves.

    It's understandable how Stockhopper after reading it, was excited about the stock and posted such as he did. It was no ramp though but in hindsight it was silly to post about a pdf/document that he knew he could not share with the general public or this forum in detail.

    That summarises him to a tee though. When ever he learns anything, he wants to share it. He doesn't have to ofcourse but he does. Sometimes it backfires, sometimes it doesn't.

    Sure, many people on this forum may have bought BQT based on Stockhoppers comments (whether they admit to it or not), I can understand this. He talked positively about the stock because based on the information he had (which I was privy to also), everything was positive. There is no way Stockhopper could have predicted BQT management f$%ck up the Monoco deal as they have and the effect this would have on the share price.

    I have over 500,000 BQT myself and I will hold. Based on the research I have seen and the conversations in the last two weeks I have had personally with Genner and some of his senior staff, I am confident BQT will turn around and be back in the 30s if not 40s by Christmas.

    So if you still believe Stockhopper deserves a roasting for what ever reason, then sure, go ahead. But no-one on this site knows him better than me ..... and do I think he deserves the 'ramper' title for what he has posted on this site, "No".

    Stockhopper, keep them coming. As you know, I'm enjoying your latsest research on PRE as we speak!

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    Kudos to Hopper.

    I am new to sharetrading and have found the info that Stockhopper posts on this site to be most helpful.

    I find his comments inspires me to be better at trying to achieve my trading goals earlier than maybe realized.

    Go Hopper.


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    you have stated that management have stuffed the monoco deal - does this mean the deal is off???

    why isnt genner telling the public what has happened

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    Ponyboy, no the deal is not off, just delayed by a couple of months now.

    BQT has turned from a short term specie to now a long term prospect. I supose you wouldn't call it a specie any more but it's certainly no blue chip either. I guess it's comewhere in between.

    I believe management have stuffed up the handling of the Monoco deal. They have prematurely told the market about a deal that's in the making, not signed yet mind you, but one worth millions of dollars anyway. But they are unable to share any info on it, due to confidentially limitiations.

    The deal is on, as are others of this size that they are working on. One can only hope Genner handles those undisclosed ones better than the Monoco deal.

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    Gemini Wrote:

    Stockhopper, keep them coming. As you know, I'm enjoying your latsest research on PRE as we speak!

    What research?

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    Ponydude, I can answer that for you. The deal is not off.

    Monoco founders are upset that BQT in their ASX release stated that Monoco had done their World Wide product release. Monoco put up a website that the board of BQT took to mean that it was all in the public domain. (In Australia once on the web it is deemed as public) reference court case High Court of Australia.

    Monoco did not see it this way.

    Monoco only had the site up for getting ready their release and "Cracked the Shits" that BQT named them in an ASX release.

    Monoco need BQT I.P (software) and BQT need Monoco.

    In the end it will all work out, a bit like a Lovers tiff.

    My own thoughts are these, if you bought in lower than todays closing price then lock in a profit. If you are holding from .30 and above then you are now a long term investor. To sell now just makes a guaranteed loss. Would I buy now? Depends on a number of factors.

    Will BQT need to do another cap raising? How long can they continue without cash. Do the current deals give them cash? Is Monoco about to drop $9 million into their bank account?

    One week we are all smiles and the next week it all turns sour, some guy's I know had well over a million shares and sold out. Others that hold a million or near to that figure are still in. I got caught in this as well as I bought most of my stock at .29

    I have been told by a reliable source that the Monoco guy's have been passified. (2nd hand)

    Apart from all of that I am getting sick and tired of their deals with no net worth attached. This latest deal with this Monitor company could mean just as much as a deal with the local shoe shine boy. I think that time may be the best healer for BQT, just let them get on with the job and see if they deliver. I like the company, I like the technology, we are in the right time in history for biometrics, all we need now is that the company look after their shareholders by not doing over the top cut price placements that caused half the fall in price.

    To properly inform the holders via better ASX releases with much more explanation on the context than we currently get on deals and partners.

    The 9th of June announcement about the $32 million consensus should never of been made, this fired up the market and with no news coming out in a specified timeframe caused holders to become bored and sell off to get onto more Bullish stocks. I hold Genner accountable for the spike and drop in the shareprice due to this and other announcements with lack of detail.

    To a lot of us the $32 Million looked to be in the bag but it turned out to be more drawn out than we liked, and the Monoco thing, pulling the annoucements off the BQT website caused a lot of people to lose faith. Lets hope they get their act together and make a real go of all their R&D and their most favorable position for marketing their security products.

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    bailejo3, Stockhopper shared some research he gathered recently (about a week or two ago) with me in regards to PRE. He did not put it on Topstocks due to it's sensitivity and potential confidentially.

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    Boys, can I join the secret club too ;)

  10. 770

    Boys, can I join the secret club too ;)

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    James, Gemini is stiring you... I wish it was secret but the World is starting to realise that the Sacramento basin drilling is about to start. The site has been prepared and the rig is on its way to the Mc Clure ranch drill site.

    I should not even mention that I have 3,345,674 shares in Pacrim Energy. I might get accused of ramping? Depending on how the stock behaves I might dump them into depth so be careful...I am not Santa.

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    I have some difficulty with the charade that is going on with Monoco. At the end of the day who are Rhiandos? Just a pair of father and son with an idea. They still need the big boys (whoever the backers are) to raise the necessary finance and BQT technologyfor the whole idea to succeed.

    My guess would be that the delay of the whole deal is likely to have resulted from Rhiando's inability so far to persuade the big boys with the necessary cash to allow them to keep the portions(they desrie) of the ongoing business concern. Are they trying to now negotiate out of the contract???

    My belief(pure speculation) is that the backers worked out that they really don't need the Rhiando for the whole deal to succeed. Rhiando's ie Monoco needs the backers for the deal to materialise afterall all the Rhiando have is the idea of this smart card. They do not possess the essential and crucial technology which is owned by BQT.

    Here is what would be interesting is if the backers do a deal directly with BQT excluding Monoco ie Rhiandos. From here the fate of the shareholders of BQT really depends on how smart and able Genner is and whether he is able to navigate this mine field. As BQT technology is clearly accepatable at the highest level, it would not be beyond the relms of possibility for Genner to aproach the backers and exclude Rhiando's/Monocco in the whole thing.

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    Hi Madmarket.

    Interesting little scenario you paint. So basically saying why havea third party to collect your fruit when you can jump the fence and take as you like....

    Wouldn't BQT's contract with Monoco be binding though???? I guess it would be like being stuck between a rock and a hard place.....

    Surely the two parties that were bought together by Monoco can't exclude them......


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    Halo, the reality is that the Rhiando's role is not crucial to the deal.

    There are 2 cruicial factors, one is funding and the other is technology.

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