1. 751

    Diretors are buying up. Always a good sign. Lucky PRO members can see who is buying all the time .

  2. 527

    There's NO info re recent directors' purchases on the T$ chart as yet ... at least not on mine.

  3. 751

    Saw the announcements on the ASX

    No doubt'' TOPSTOCKS '' will update . Don't forget there is a ton of announcements every day. ''TOPSTOCKS'' do a top job keeping us up to date. There is a lot of work involved. I am grateful for the fact they allow " FREE ACCOUNTS"

  4. 893

    don't get tooo excited.

    the directors were merely taking part in the SPP.

    took up their allotment under the SPP.

    I think that is a joke.....when they gave themselves millions of options at the AGM.

    i still remain in opposoition to Directors getting options unless they are attached to performance targets.

  5. 1.2k
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