1. 751

    Mr Jenner has come out with another announcement which sounds wonderful, but has no money value to it or any mention of further sales. Just to keep poor shareholders licking their lips in what might be coming soon . Oh, I hold shares but am starting to lose interest in all these airy-fairy pie in the sky announcements that Jenner trots out from time to time with nothing of any substance in them.

  2. 9.3k

    This announcement is not to placate 'old' holders, way too late for that, but more than likely the 'new' holders of the recent placement that Genner suckered into BQT, to keep the co alive for a few more months!

  3. 103

    surely this guy (genner) has something up his sleeves... i mean, it doesn't benefit the company if the shareholders are not happy.

    maybe and only maybe, there might be an annoucement about values of all the contracts the have won recently.

    by the way, silly uestion coming, what would happen to the company if the share price drops to $0.00?

    i don't hold BQT anymore.

  4. 10

    I still feel that this stock will go back up from oct onwards

    fingers crossed

  5. 1.4k

    BQT are 6.5 cents the market has judged the stock accordingly.

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