1. 751

    Did anyone else notice thiis announcement today regarding the NZ lottery using BQT biometric system. I noticed AGAIN no $$$ value put onto this order, assuming there is an order? Alsoturnover for today was only for 26 trades for a total of 432,408 shares with a value of $ 71,465. Any comments/ideas on this??

  2. 1.2k

    Probably installed a $500 fingerprint reader on the front door. They have continued down the road of not informing the market of the $$ value. To me this is like they are using the ASX to ramp the stock. Does the local Deli tell all and Sundry when they sell a Ham sandwich? Even a $500 one?

    This company can make announcements until the cows come home but they keep making losses and keep doing cheaper and cheaper capital raisings. Do we see a pattern developing with this? Call me when we get the next placement at 10 cents.

  3. 893

    SH....the funny thing with BQT,i think Genner is actually sitting on something rather big (not Monoco)

    They keep doing deals albeit small ones but they are deals.

    I can just say i would not be surprised to see something really significant after they get this placement away.

    call me crazy but i just have this feeling.

    And at 16c........i think its there for the taking.

    Highly speculative........high risk but could be a really big gainer.


  4. 893

    Just goes to show BQT are working away...and i still think he is sitting on something very big!

  5. 405

    For those of you who can't access the announcement. Here is.

  6. 405

    Sorry, forgot to attach it!

  7. 686

    Pity you couldnt attatch any figure to it also ...now that would be helpfull.

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