Anyone know why the surge in volume today

  1. 21

    1.5m gone through today?

  2. 405

    Interesting one Woody.. can't say I know why. There were no announcements or anything.. perhaps some insider buying?

  3. 1.2k

    They may of hit the jackpot with the Twix warf project but its a long shot.

    Lassy, make sure you still hold plenty of QTK...Not long now.

  4. 405

    Where is Stockhopper these days? I have a bone to pick with him. Imagine calling me "Lassy" and nearly getting away with it!

    And what's happening with BQT? Is this apparant deal with this Monoco group still on or not?

    BQT management should all be taken out the back and shot. They are absolutely hopeless and they have no respect for their shareholders at all. I know many people who are still holding in the hope this company is just going through a bad patch at the moment and will come good eventually. I only hope there is a change at the top... Genner just doesn't seem to have a clue, iether that or his staff are terrible and he's having the worst luck in the world at the moment.

    I really feel for the long term holdwers who have stick through with this. Good luck my friends.

  5. 1

    Educated Lass,

    the next 3 months will be BQT's make or break.

    The Monoco deal, underpinned by Nexus, is a must close deal by end June 2006 else I believe all is lost.

    The recent contract announcement of $2.4Mio as a standalone deal is a loss maker - $2.4Mio over 20months = a financial burden in isolation of any material orders going through the books.

    So, in short this stock will find its natural position in 3 months.......I just hope it is onward and upward.


  6. 6.7k

    Struth what a dog

  7. 751

    That is easy. Some one is buying and some one is selling. in other words buggered if I know, Quite often there isn't any reason, only what you want to make of it .

  8. 6.7k

    i distictly remember someone saying this was headed for $8

  9. 751

    WHEN??/ I will sell when it hits $2

  10. 803

    SH went CHOMP CHOMP !!!!! from hes cell...

    BQT should be under Humour. imho ofcourse along with the other Q..

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