bqt a breakout finally?

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    volumes been higher as of late. been holding since 14.5 and some at 15. anyone here anything on this guy. something must be happening. they had an ann with big rev numbers expected with their sattelite division and also were talking about a spin off company in 2008 which i believe was the satelite division. curious if anyone following closely


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    I've also been holding these at similar prices for a long time. Noticed a bit of activity in the last day or two and the share price us up a few cents.

    Announcement on 31/10:

    BQT Solutions Limited (ASX:BQT) is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with SIEMENS to produce

    CCTV camera equipment, complementing BQTs range of technologically advanced security and surveillance products.

    BQT & SIEMENS have developed a range of cameras to cater for all surveillance requirements and use in all

    environments. The cameras have been engineered according to BQT requirements by SIEMENS in Germany.

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