BQT Annual Report in...

  1. 2.5k

    Maybe this is what will enlighten us...

  2. 686

    where did you see it ?

    Where can i see it ?

    Thanks in advance.

  3. 2.5k
  4. 2.5k


    Typical isn't it......

    Just printing it at the moment, so will read soon

  5. 842

    did you get much out of the financials... forgot to print it at work =P

    plus it's my long weekend... supposely

  6. 842

    hahaha.... yes still have a day job... just in case all of my stocks sht themselves.... so have a backup...

    so much easier trading though.... i'll need to setup my own business plan and acquire some ppl to work with me before i'm comfortable to quit... it's easier when have smart ppl working for you or around you..

    either that or when i get this fat mortgage out of the way... only 26... still got time

    4 years to retirement... hopefully ;o)

  7. 103

    hey am i the only one doing a bit of trading and holding a full time job? a bit easier for me as i am the office manager, have my own room and the boss is stationed interstate.

    feeling a bit guilty now.... but that will disappear when BQT takes off! lol

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