1. 13

    on course for a great 2007 . what a opportunity to get on...

  2. 803

    Your New,

    Hope u dont have a hidden agenda !!!! joke Son.

    Do U know where Hoppy is ?

    Reward $150,000 so us PockStockers can get our Money back off our Ol Mate Hop....

  3. 3.1k

    propierce... are you privvy to some information that we are not?


  4. 106

    is hopper now bubba's bitch in the big house.if not i hope he soon is. if i didnt sell ags for 16 cents now $1.85 i would have chipped in for the reward taz

  5. 86

    i think propierce is on to something,

    i havent got solid information, but i have been hearing roumers that suggest this stock will fly by maybe mid 2007!!! so if anyone out there is willing to hold untill then you may be greately rewarded.

    then again i dont know the accuracy of this information, ive just been told the company will do well from those in the know!

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