BQT with new Egoli chart

  1. 2.5k

    Hi All,

    Just downloaded the new Pro Charts Egoli....

    Looks nice and easy to use and seems to be free for 20min delay data. Still to have a good look at it. I think you can even look at global markets but haven't gone there.

    Anyway heres a chart of BQT....I'm liking the look of the RSI and the lower Bollinger Band showing that the stock is getting over sold.....time to buy maybe.....there seems to be some support at 23.5c with a resistance at 25.5c so we will see in next weeks trading if it will hold at this price, if not 20c is looking good or bad dependng on how you look at it i guess.

    Nikko any thoughts on my interpretation of this chart???

    Happy Trading


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