1. 9.3k

    Is it all over for ol' Genner and crew?

  2. 4.5k

    The chart is looking very sick...

  3. 9.3k

    Chart, depth, cash, not one postive...

    I only hope there's one more pump soon for any holders on TS to allow them to get out with some scratchings.

    Dark day!

  4. 803

    Bet Hopper still Holds !!!!!!!

    Blow the Roof Off, House and All..

  5. 9.3k

    He would have been long gone, not so lucky with QTK.

    He'll be back on the BQT threads of the world if this manages to stabilise... at least not this one.

    Good riddance!

  6. 6.7k

    capital raising coming

  7. 155

    Hopper (now 'billbixby' on HC) got out the day after the evening he announced that he expected the Monoco deal to be rolled out any day now! I know because I was one of the foolish newbies that decided to buy more! Little did I realise that I was buying his. Bastard!

  8. 4.5k

    He must be running out of user names... LOL

    Best advice for newbies imho... never buy into a company if you do not understand what they are trying to do, that is, you need to understand their business model and goals.

    And that advice is twice as valuable when someone on an anonymous forum can tell everyone how fantastic and revolutionary this technology is... and how the big deals are going to be announced any day now. The roof was going to blow off LOL. There are a few clowns around...

  9. 133

    Hi All,

    Don't blame Stockhopper for your decisions. Your decisions are yours and yours alone. For once I was not into a looser (BQT). It is quite probable that their technology is the best in the World. But being the best and getting contracts is another thing. Good or bad management is something else. No matter what you decide by examining a stock, checking charts etc. , you are still gambling. Making a bet. You can get as equally as bad advice form a stockbroker or any Investment Advisor. There are no guarantees. It is your money and you are the only one who spends it. How you spend it is up to you. When you have lost blame me if you like. It really doesn't matter but we are our own biggest fools, and I speak from experience !

  10. 770

    Its a steep learning curve for people in the stock market, you soon see who ramps without any substance and those who attempt to provide useful information for you to access. If you lose money because of it, the listen hits home even quicker. Although you can't blame him for what you did, it was your choice, he's certainly to blame for bringing it to peoples attention. Without him and company managing to saturate two entire forums for several days with nothing but pure unsubstantied ramping for BQT, I am sure a lot less people would have heard about BQT, let alone been burnt by it.... Nevertheless, it didn't collapse and a stoploss of 10-20% would have left you with plenty of funds to fight another day. ...

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