Genuine announcement or another con?

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    Here is a announcement from BQT.. Possibly could be going somewhere at long last.Only time will tell. I am still Dubious because of past hype.

    Defence contract awarded. First order of $330,000 received.

    BQT Solutions Limited is pleased to announce that the first order, worth $330,000 has been received for a major Defence contract

    Stage 1 of this project is worth $3,000,000 to BQT Solutions, with further stages to follow

    After a number of years in discussions, design and testing, BQT is pleased to supply its security technology for this major Defence contract.

    As with many of our projects, because these projects are of a high security, we cannot divulge any further details.

    BQT is pleased that the effort & designing of systems for large projects such as this is now bearing fruit, as large projects have a long lead time. However these projects will now give BQT a sound base for future sales.

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