1. 103

    thot of selling my BQT shares for greener pastures... thoughts anyone? anymore ann expecting?

  2. 1.2k

    Hold .. But there could be a capital raising that could make the share price come under pressure.

    PS...BQT tell fibs and make piss ant contracts sound bigger than they are.

  3. 893

    not sure they make small anouncements bigger then they are.....they just NEVER give any indicator as to what they are worth.

    on Genner........he uses every tool available which includes "leaking" information to staff who in turn "leak".

    that being said.......he is going to land something major soon and i think we will all say how did he get that

    he is that sort of guy and knows going to the well now with the SP at 20c would be a very tricky thing to pull off.

    i would hold if your risk profile allows for it.

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