Installs again..they just keep coming.

  1. 2.5k

    I am amazed at the projects BQT is getting and the places they are getting them.

    Nigeria is now sorting products from BQT.....

    It is sort of laughable that the sp was so geared to this Monoco fiasco really.

    Anyway I was looking back to the history of this stock last night and saw it had gone to $53 in 1993....will this happen again???


  2. 842

    $53.. no... unless they are going to be bigger then macquarie bank

  3. 2.5k

    I used the week charts at back in 93 there was a spike to $53.....maybe I am wrong but I will check tonight and post it of the forum.

    Bigger than Ben Hur mate

  4. 686

    Will be interesting to see if this gets out of the quaqmire by year end...a last surge for the faaithful perhaps?

  5. 1.2k

    Do not be suprised to see one more placement, then it most likely will be upward and onward.

  6. 893

    i have been wrong about placements in the past but i just feel they are right for money atm.

    I had said BQT had a great Sept quarter......they did but will record revenues in the December quarter.(as BQT stated in the Sept quarterly)

    Maybe sales have finally kicked in as many including myself had speculated they would when BQT reached critical mass with all these smaller contracts.

    we will see but i just have a sneaking suspicion Genner is sitting on something good.

  7. 103

    hah... it would be a challenge for anyoone to ramp it up to $53! LOL

    hope they deliver.... my patience timeframe? next years's financial year.

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