Insurgency into another market..

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  1. 2.5k

    Again BQT have announced an entry into another potential market for its products.

    Seems they are continuing to get global exposure to their products, maybe the only thing holding back their share price is the fact there are no dollar values for the contracts they are signing....oh and the Monoco debarcle....

    SH are you still watching this stock or have you totally wiped it off you radar??? I'm not taking a loss on this bugger and hold in the vain hope of good things in the future....


  2. 1.2k

    Halo, the MD has his life saving invested in BQT so he will most likely get it over the line. I pay no more attention to the company as I feel that we where mislead on the Monoco (thing). How can you ever trust a company that does that to new holders who paid top dollar for the stock and bought in on good faith?

    It will most likely travel much higher but the market may treat it with contempt just like is happening to QTK.

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