1. 13

    take notice.. Excellent opportunity to get on at a low .. Upward she wil go....

  2. 42.0k

    Who are you trying to "kid"?

    Twould be one of the last stocks to look at!

    :) Fishhy

  3. 433

    Good call Fishhead78.

    propierce has been posting this sort of garbage for months on HC also characterised by his supposed access to 'inside information all of which has been consitently proven as crepe.

    Shame when a nic is trashed before you even start propierce but be a good lad and bugger off.

  4. 6.7k

    bqt to $8.00


  5. 13

    Director buying>>

  6. 842

    propierce would've made a lil if he bought on that day... and sold today

  7. 9.3k

    Got to give Genner a little credit, how he manages to keep finding suckers to buy into SP's, the stocklord up above only knows!

    Latest one at 8.8c!

  8. 5.4k

    Soon to disappear to that rather strange planet - home of the socks that disappear out of your washing machine .....

    the 4th dimension - maybe it will trade a little better there :

  9. 9.3k

    Aha, won't be the only stink in that there 4th dimension!

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