Lots of interest again

  1. 1.2k

    Bids building, has the Company got another annoucement brewing? That Monoco debarcle sure did upset a few but BQT is much bigger than the Monoco deal.

  2. 2.5k

    LOL yeah I'm loving my 25% loss at the moment...but I guess its only a loss when you sell.....

    And at the moment with this stock I just can't justify taking that loss when the technology great and is here to stayand value the value is definitely undervalued for a company that has so many contracts and so much potential.

    I'm hoping it goes to 20c, then I will buy more LOL


  3. 405

    I'm not so convinced StockHopper. There was talk earlier today of it finishing at 28 but I certainly don't see that happening.

    If anyone was to look at BQT right now for the first time without knowing its history etc., then techincally it looks good. Buy depth at 24 is strong with selling depth week.

    If only we could forget history! I continue to hold, no choice really as my holdings are too large to sell at these prices and volumes anyway.

  4. 686

    Yes it is but to be honest was the monoco deal the one that was to send it into the stratosphere ? It was always my belief other deals would be the catalyst for the stocks future...i am sure you know which ones..Anyway i hope this calms the nervous holders out there.

  5. 686

    Your holdings represents your faith in the company i hope and would you sell here even if you had sufficient bids?

  6. 405

    Hoobadriver, I sold a parcel at 24c so I could fund a PRE purchase right near close.

    PRE is looking far more likely for a significant capital gain than BQT at the moment in the near and medium future. I still hold a considerable amount of BQT though.

    I'll sell them on an as needed or opportunity basis.

  7. 686

    i had to consider that to fund some mos options but declined .. and sold something else, we shall see

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