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    any information about the MONOCO deal at the AGM?

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    That was a dream that Genner thought was reality.

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    So what is going to drive price over coming months? lots of small contract announcments so they must have a reasonable contract book for the year ahead even without the big one?

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    and raising $8m dollars from existing shareholders.

    I think i will refer readers to my post on Sunday about BQT.

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    I would have thought offering these shares whilst the price is sliding and at such a discount will be bad for the short term price?

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    well you now 15c is the floor....don't you?

    however.....you might see some uptick between now and when the SPP closes.

    worth buying to get the SPP allocation.

    sell after the allocation.......

    i still think BQT have something cooking.

    but hey...thats my opinion.

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    What do you thinking Bqt is cooking up? How do you know about it? Where is the source? $8million is a lot of money to raise given that they've already done this many times in the past. When are we going to see the actual positive cashflow? They seem to keep pushing it another quarter and another quarter.

    Please don't stir us but tell us what you really know. I don't want to see this stock being ramped up too much to fall down like it currently is.

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    didn't it say for "working capital"

    has anyone looked at the last cashflow/financials did they have any money in the bank

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    they had money in the bank and have done placements before.

    None for this amount of money EVER!

    I think the amount being raised is significant and cannot be for marketing or R&D......alone!

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    Going into a swan dive now watch out

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    but placements at 20% market value (less then that now)

    really questioning mangement on that one, really doesn't sound like they know the real effects on placements of shares?

    if it was they said capital raising for project or something it would sound better then 'working capital'

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    how could you announce it was for a project?

    firstly the price would run............and shareholders would take windfall gains.

    that defeats the companies logic for a SPP to small shareholders.

    BQT have regularly done placements as many companies have.

    this is just a very large placement in historical terms for BQT.

    i would be worried if it was a placement for $1m

    that would say to me.......we need one more month etc.

    $8m does not suggest that to me.

    that is about two years worth of capital on its current cash burn rate which they have said will cease as early as the december quarter.

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    I wonder if poor old Halo is still in the stock if he was upset before I wonder what his mood is like now watch out Hopper

  14. 842

    yea he is still holding... he couldn't bring himself to sell it...

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    I think Halo should take up the issue with Mr John (Monoco) Genner.

    We saw that placement coming from last month if one studies the cash burn rate.

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    Halo, will you be raising the issue with Genner. If so, let us know how it went.

  17. 842

    I think halo is gone for a few weeks cant remember...

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    To be very cynical one could think that amount of money will pay his directors fee's until he retires from the company. Then it will go broke.

    When I discovered that Monoco was a Father and Son operation from a private House and that they used a reception centre as a front it made my gut churn.

    $9,000,000 Pie in the Sky award should be on ASIC's front page.

    One buys stock in good faith and it turns out to be a fairy tale (putting it politely)

    Kerry Packer's motto, if it aint producing income with a positive cash flow do not even consider it.

    Remember OneTel ? Daddy knew best hey James.

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    smuggler .....

    ".... that is about two years worth of capital on its current cash burn rate which they have said will cease as early as the december quarter."

    You have clearly said that 'cash burn' will cease as early as the december quarter, and atribute this to being said, by BQT .....

    And yet, PG reported (elsewhere) that, from the AGM it was said that there were ........

    < a number of positive comments and talk of being cash positive within Qtr 2 2006.>

    "cash burn" - "cash flow positive"

    I have pointed a problem out to you in an earlier post, & have asked you for an explanation re; your previously posted thoughts on this matter - But am yet to recieve an answer from you about these seemingly reckless post re; "cash flow" ...


    Subject re: ..more cash needed????

    Posted 14/09/05 15:42 - 156 reads

    Posted by smuggler

    IP 220.253.xxx.xxx

    Post #718119 - in reply to msg. #718109 - splitview

    so the advice of BQT being cash flow positive has no impact on you?


    Of course, you now have "extended" your thoughts to december .... Maybe you mean december 2006 ???


    Was your 14/09/05 post 'simply' missing your now stated december, (or, even december 2006) on the end of it, or, is BQT really the "crazy cottage" Co that many feel it may be? Of course, the confusion on their cash flow position (as hilited above) that has been caused by you, is not helping their cause one little bit.

    Just MHO, only.



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    Well Hopper it would have been nice if you had disclosed that sort of inside information to Top Stockers a long time ago Jenner must be absolutely desperate for cash to get himself involved in something like that

  21. 1.2k

    I will go one better... Qute from a reputable Merchant banking firm who is involved with floating companies.

    "Nearly all listings on the ASX are only to line the pockets of the promoters and other inside interests".

    "Most of these companies are set up to pay fee's and wages to a small group left with the show after the promoters have sold out".

    "If you would care to investigate these companies you will find that they never make a profit and just continue to issue new stock so that they can claim fees and wages".

    If one goes back over the thousands of ASX notices and reads about these $$$$ Million dollar deals you will find that they are all BullShit. I find it outrageous that neither the ASX or ASIC care to look into these scams.

    If I had my way I would ban the small end of town and the continuos flow of theft that these perpetuate.

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