Smuggler any comments BQT qrtly report

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    Hey mate have you seen the numbers ? I havent but read some on the other site. Any ideas with this.


  2. 893

    as was expected......and if you NOTE

    BQT said ...

    "sales invoiced increased

    significantly late in the Current Quarter and the cash receipts from customers will reflect these sales

    in the December 2005 Quarter Report. "

    exactly what i said and posted on the board.

    i said i had heard BQT had posted brilliant September numbers and these will be reported n the quarterly.

    BQT reported them....but will account for them in the December quarter,when they receive the monies.

    exactly as i had said elsewhere.

    In fact i read some of the rubbish elsewhere....and to be honest.....some of the posts are just rubbish.

    NOT worth replying to....

    Hope that helps you here.

  3. 686

    Thanks mate have same feelings about rubbish over the other side. Thanks for your input.

    Regards Hooba

  4. 893

    Hooba.....the one thing anyone can do is be responsible for what THEY do.

    it would appear...there are plenty who want to take...but never ever give.

    good luck with BQT and whatever else you buy and sell.

    buy some QTK tomorrow whatever you can do would be my best advice.

  5. 31

    Hooba and Smuggler,

    can you guys briefly tell me what the 'rubbish' from the other sites was about?

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