1. 3

    I am sincerely holding to some BQT shares hoping that it will bounce back one day. Running short of patience..Any advise will be welcome.

  2. 770

    Give it until May - June next year if you really want to and then sell it to offset some tax.... otherwise bail now and get into something with a future.

  3. 213

    I sold at .071 taking a loss of 50% Spewing !!

    There are other shares I believe that offer some hope

    I'm looking at SEN theres a bit more life in there ASX price and trading figures

    Just my thought , not a tip


  4. 803

    Woul Hopper still be Holding?.

    God Bless Him..

  5. 9.3k

    This old dog is having a bit of a bark.

  6. 405

    What the ????

    Who's in the know out there?

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