Bargain priced goldie.

  1. 5.8k

    60 mill market cap in today's environment is an absolute joke.

    Either I have got it completely wrong or this should have at least $100-150m mc right now.

    With the drilling that's gone on over the past 6 months and the new little satellite discoveries with potential that they have recently found surely they would of increased resource by 30 odd%.... must now be looking at closer to 1.5m than 1m.

    Which leads me to believe the price is so low for one of two reasons. Either a raising is very very nigh, or its being bid down for a stake or even a takeover.

    Company has been quiet lately and something is coming soon imo.

  2. 5.8k

    TH today.


    Stuck out like dogs balls that it was coming.

    Hoping for $10m+.......

    Seeing as it was held down,could it again be above current last raising.

    It's got some catching up to do imo.

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  3. 4.8k

    Good luck stretch when this comes out of TH as you called it/suspected 5 day's ago (I was close to buying in but something seemed not quite right about it).

    With most Goldies flying at the moment it certainly has some catch up work to do. I'll certainly be keeping a close eye on this.

    Cheers tela

  4. 5.8k

    Underwritten 20m raising and 3m spp for holders. Not many to go round but at least they included holders.

    $23m into coffers,now go on your way and really feed and grow this big baby.

    $80m mc with $26m cash with this deposits potential... Bargain like

  5. 44

    Got a few might get some more. Getting hard to find value in goldies.
    Worth a look at HRZ, just started mining. About to go hard on exploration/resource growth, good ground around Kalgoorlie. 1+Milloz Au, 20+millozAg

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