Breakers time to shine.

  1. 5.8k

    Lovely open.

    Break of 30c is on.

    Company undervalued amongst it's peers now.

    With a quality growing deposit.

    Big boys will be circling imho

  2. 5.8k

    81 buyers for 1,413,753 units

    16 sellers for 324,184 units

    That a big turn in depths.

    30c big support/resistance line. should see very good support now

  3. 5.8k

    Looking for gap close atm

    Should prove good top up points

  4. 5.8k

    Gap closed.

    Should find support at 30c level next few days with a stopper now at 31, bounces from there,just a matter of when imo.

    9.4c add 23rd March. Sitting handsomely now after taking a couple hits on it earlier in year.

  5. 5.8k

    Breaker continues on its way unearthing more today with initially drilling getting hits st Csrbineer adjacent to bombora.

    The big boys have to be circling. Blind Freddy can see they are well on their way to tripling or quadrupling their initial underachieving 700k resource.estimate and possible suitors are just watching em drill away and the longer they wait the more thet get to see what's actually there and possible scalability.
    Ever since fund bought at 32c in 2019 that 32/32c point has proved to be strong resistance...once again it gets smacked down from them levels in the past week several times.

    The ev value and current market capital amongst peers and some of these little gold speccys that have risen lately(some to ridiculous values)simply shows the probability for this being underpriced. At $68m mc it looks compelling to me if I was a mid cap looking around.

    One things for sure. Their is no doubt in my mind that this is being accumulated and capped.... which leads me to thinking???.


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  6. 5.8k

    Selldown to 26 over the last week is for one reason imo.

    Accumulation by big boys is getting obvious now with many new bids getting added at 26 and 26.5 for last 2 days now and it getting sold into on any move to 27/28.

    Raise or raid coming very soon imo.

    Almost a copy of trading prior to last raising which at the time was well above market price at 32c. Just might be coming again.

    Underpriced high potential goldie and imo a monty to make new 12 month highs in coming weeks. Big watch

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  7. 5.8k

    Accumulator lifted level half a cog.

    Signs they want there fill sooner rather than later.

    Turning right on double bottom levels.

    Not too many sellers out there sub 30 really.

    Shit stretch you sound like you ramping.

    Na just liked it for a long time and like the odds that it advances from here short and long term.

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