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    Cannindah Resources Limited has interests in four Queensland projects, with a current focus on the Mt Cannindah Cu-Au project and the Piccadilly Au project.

    Flagship Mount Cannindah Copper-Gold Project, 100km south of Gladstone
    • Large gold bearing porphyry copper system with significant depth and regional potential
    • Total resources at the Mount Cannindah prospect only of 5.5Mt @ 0.92% Cu, 0.34g/t Au & 14.9g/t Ag
    • Future exploration will focus on a potential extension of the known resource at the Mt Cannindah prospect area to the North along with a copper zone in the Southern copper skarn unit, less than 2km from known resource and still within granted mining leases. A further possible extension of this skarn area into the EPMs to the south has been identified and is also the focus of near term exploration activity. A previously undetected gold system has been located near the Little Wonder prospect which will also be investigated further to establish whether it extends along a possible strike of up to 1km.

    Recent work & Exploration resized

    Recent work resized

    Major prospects

    Recent work 1 resized

    Little wonder resized

    Piccadilly Gold Project, 60km north of Charters Towers
    • Agreement to explore and mine ML1442, as well as recent earn-in agreement to access surrounding EMPs
    • Ore purchase agreement with Minjar Gold to purchase ore resulting from exploratory mining within ML1442
    • To date, target areas have returned exceptionally high grade Au samples, with the highest being 79.4g/t
    • Investigations revealed large areas not originally thought to be mineralised in fact showed grades of 9.44g/t and similar
    • Geologically modeled intrusive related gold system target located within 1.5km of mining lease area, and thought to be the possible source of the mining area’s mineralisation. Plans underway to explore this possibility

    Mount Borium Gold Project, 20km north of Kidston*
    • Located between the historic Kidston gold mine and Einasleigh copper mine
    • Highly mineralised gold-bearing porphyry system
    • A 7-hole RC drill program was completed in December 2012 with results confirming the project’s prospectivity.
    • A comprehensve geophysical review of key areas within the project area has identified a significant porphyry copper target at Arthur’s Gully. Nearby soil sampling and RAB drill results confirm the presence of gold-copper mineralisation.

    Oak River Uranium-Gold Project, adjacent to Mount Borium*
    • Field work has confirmed presence of Uranium mineralisation
    • Planet is seeking a JV partner for this project

    *Cannindah Resources Limited is looking to find joint venture partners for these non-core projects

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    Copper prices top $4 a pound for the first time in over 9 years
    Last Updated: Feb. 19, 2021 at 2:10 p.m. ET
    First Published: Feb. 19, 2021 at 11:47 a.m. ET
    By Myra P. Saefong

    Copper prices have climbed to levels not seen since 2011 LOUAI BESHARA/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY IMAGES
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    Copper futures topped $4 a pound on Friday for the first time since 2011, with expectations for a global economic recovery and a rise in renewable energy sources lifting the industrial metal’s demand outlook.

    Copper demand and prices “should continue to benefit from a recovering global economy and [a] transition to “green” energy sources,” said Brent Cook, an economic geologist and senior adviser for the newsletter Exploration Insights.

    Copper for March delivery HGH21, +4.24% HG00, +4.24% rose 17 cents, or 4.4%, to settle at $4.074 a pound on Comex on Friday, for the highest most-active contract settlement since September 2011, according to Dow Jones Market Data. Prices ended nearly 7.6% higher for the week and almost 16% higher year to date.

    Supplies of the metal suffered on the back of production slowdowns due to COVID-19 restrictions and while supplies should pick up in 2021, said Cook, the market won’t likely have enough copper to meet demand in the years to come.

    Estimates for supply increases range between 1.5% and 3.5%, while demand is “projected to significantly exceed supply,” Cook told MarketWatch. He expects the supply deficit to increase over the next five to 10 years “primarily due to a dearth of new copper deposit discoveries, the time line to bring a deposit into production,” which averages 10 to 20 years for a large deposit, and the fact that “most of the major deposits currently in production are in their ‘golden years’.”

    In a report issued in January, with preliminary data from October 2020, the International Copper Study Group (ICSG) said world mine production fell by 3.5% in the April to May period last year. It said that the two months were most affected by COVID-19 related global lockdowns that led to temporary mine shutdowns and lower production levels.

    ICSG also reported that preliminary data show that world refined copper production rose by 1.5% in the first 10 months of 2020, but estimates for world refined copper usage rose by 2% over that same period, indicating an “apparent deficit” of about 480,000 metric tons due to strong Chinese demand.

    The need for copper in so-called “green” energy sources also comes into play for the market, said Cook, estimating that an average combustion car incorporates roughly 15 kilograms of copper, but an electric car uses around 60 kilograms of copper.

    Still, there are some doubts over whether the economy is set on a track toward recovery, particularly in the U.S.

    Recently released data revealed that U.S. industrial production rose a fourth straight month, up 0.9% in January. The New York Fed’s Empire State business conditions index rose 8.6 points to 12.1 in February, the highest level of activity since July.

    What Biden’s First 100 Days Mean For You and Your Money
    How will the new

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    very cheap on the copper front plus AQS people in it dyor

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    Tearaway Tesla helps to drive boom in copperJAMES KIRBY
    Follow @kirby_journo
    At today’s price of about $US8900 a tonne, copper has bounced to a nine-year high from a standing start only a few months ago. Picture: Bloomberg
    At today’s price of about $US8900 a tonne, copper has bounced to a nine-year high from a standing start only a few months ago. Picture: Bloomberg
    6:05PM FEBRUARY 22, 2021
    If you missed the money made in the iron ore boom, hold on — you might have a second chance with copper.

    The world’s most commonly used industrial metal is rising rapidly as investment markets prices in a global recovery from the COVID crisis.

    Long known to industry analysts as “Dr Copper” for its ability to act a bellwether for the health of the wider economy, this time round things are different in copper thanks to Tesla: the spectacular trading and fourfold increase in Tesla share price over 12 months has put a rocket under virtually all investments linked to electric vehicles, which use four times more copper than traditional petrol vehicles.


    Victory hit back at director who walked away
    With a “tight” supply of copper mines — and a timeline of seven years to get a mine up and running — any extra demand is going to push the copper price higher: As for electric vehicle demand, it is expected to reach 3 million tonnes a year by 2030. Just now, the total global market is 22 million tonnes.

    Tesla, by itself, will need 1.8 million tonnes of copper to reach its target of 20 million cars a year.

    In other words copper, along with riding a traditional commodity upswing, is wide open to getting the premium currently ­offered to so-called battery metals such as lithium, nickel and ­cobalt.

    READ MORE:EMR Capital mulls IPO for mining assets|Cultural heritage test looms for Rio, BHP|VW’s electric dreams|Ex-coal miners plug into ‘electric car revolution’
    Indeed, copper has arguably wider usage in “green industry” than almost any other metal. For example, renewable power systems are also five times more copper-intensive than conventional power systems.

    At today’s price of about $US8900 a tonne, copper has bounced to a nine-year high from a standing start only a few months ago — and unlike iron ore, this metal price story is not all about China.

    In fact, the lift in copper prices in recent days follows the spectacular Texas snowstorms that have made analysts realise that US electricity grids are going to have to be upgraded in the months ahead.

    The rise in Tesla’s share price over 12 months has put a rocket under virtually all investments linked to electric vehicles, which use four times more copper than traditional petrol vehicles.
    The rise in Tesla’s share price over 12 months has put a rocket under virtually all investments linked to electric vehicles, which use four times more copper than traditional petrol vehicles.
    Copper’s 7 per cent rise over the past week was the best of all metals including iron ore — over the past 12 months, the improvement is more than 90 per cent.

    A new note on the metal from Daniel Hynes, the senior commodity strategist at ANZ, says that for copper: “Strong growth in investment in clean energy sectors such as renewable energy and electric vehicle infrastructure in 2020 could just be the tip of the iceberg.”

    For investors, the stars aligning for copper offer a similar ­picture to iron ore stocks late last year — big miners such as Rio Tinto and BHP will be obvious winners from new enthusiasm for the metal, but there are also a ­selection of independent listed miners with exposure to production within Australian and overseas.

    Indeed, while BHP and Rio are already well established players in the global copper industry, the local mining industry’s “third force” Fortescue is reportedly looking at diversifying into the copper industry.

    Beyond the big miners, the two main stocks of the local copper market are OZ Minerals and Sandfire Resources — though OZ Minerals has a better ASX record in recent times.

    OZ Minerals is the largest of the independent producers with a $7bn market capitalisation — it gained 7 per cent in the first session of the week and has doubled since this time last year.

    Sandfire Resources also gained 7 per cent on Monday, but remains under the $1bn mark in terms of market capitalisation largely due to a failure to capitalise on the copper boom so far — the stock is up about 7 per cent since this time last year.

    Among small-cap copper stocks, the picture is mixed: Stavely Minerals (market cap $195m) has barely changed in price over the past year, while Caravel Minerals (market cap $53m) has tripled in price.

    Where does it all go from here? In common with analyst bulletins during the rise or iron ore prices a few months ago, the investment industry is struggling to keep up with bank analysts barely able to get their forecasts out before ­prices move too fast. Those prices can change in the blink of an eye but the underlying theme is clear.


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    watch for aqs $$ to roll into cae...both are tony fung as big holders..

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    green on a red day,,go copper ..aqs runner people in cae as well dyor

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    Aquis Entertainment (ASX:AQS) has put BNPL stonks to shame with an eye-watering rally to end the week.

    The ASX minnow is the owner of Canberra Casino. And its two-day price gain would probably rival the returns on your best ever night at a blackjack table.

    On Thursday, the stock rose from 3.7c to 11.5 for a gain of 210.81 per cent.

    That prompted a price query from the ASX, to which Aquis said it wasn’t aware of any information that would prompt such as move.

    Since the opening bell rang this morning, the stock has ran off the hook.

    AQS shares reached a high this morning of 75c — good enough for a return north of 550pc on the day more than 1,900pc since the close of trade on Wednesday.

    A short time ago, they were still trading (no halts) and the price was holding above 50c.

    Aquis Entertainment acquired the Canberra Casino in 2014 and refurbished it with a $14m investment program.

    The company’s website says it has lodged a business case with the ACT Government to launch $307 million redevelopment that would see the Casino turned into a broader entertainment precinct.

    AQS’ latest 4C filing for the December quarter showed the company booked cash receipts from customers of $9.354m, which flowed through to net operating cash inflows of $2.903m.

    The company finished the quarter with $7.259m cash in the bank.

    The cash receipts total for the December quarter was around 60 per cent higher than receipts generated through the whole first half of last year ($5.774m), which was interrupted by closures due to COVID-19.

    Aquis’ half-year accounts to June 30 showed the company had net liabilities of $23,291m, largely due to loan amounts owing of more than $31m.

    Addressing shareholders in July last year, company chairman Tony Fung said he was still optimistic that Aquis’ proposed redevelopment would come to fruition.

    Hung said that as of 2019, the ACT government had “ceased dealing with us through the unsolicited bids framework”.

    “To advance the intended redevelopment, we now need to work with the Government through the more flexible and workable Development Approval (DA) process,” he said. is CAE next? tony fung big holding in CAE

    Stockhead has contacted CEO Allison Gallagher for further comment on the company’s recent price action.

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    As discussed I think CAE is now ready for another re rate as we embark on some further exploration activity in the coming days and weeks ahead

    If you view it compared to its peers it is currently cheap with a 10m market cap

    There is a 5.5m tonne JORC resource @ nearly 1% copper with a heap of awesome intercepts outside this resource calculation area showing massive potential for greater upside here..this has all been discussed before but a very long time ago when copper was not flavour of the month as it is going to continue to become with the increase demand for EV product and closures or slowing of production of existing operations due to the pandemic. There is $800,000,000 worth of copper just in that 5.5mt resource and it is contained in an already approved existing mining lease!! The system it is contained in is massive in scale and we will be bringing to light the huge potential here in the next few months.

    Piccadilly is a massive gold target, if we hit some good stuff there the stock will pop as we have seen recently it certainly has the ability to do that. We have under an application an exploration area the size of some European countries. These intrusive related gold targets occur in clusters so we are well across having more in our portfolio with a proven exploration technique to find the good stuff when it is approved. We are not guessing if we have gold in the system, we have touched it, stood on it, sampled it, and seen it the only question in Piccadilly is how much can we prove is there and how effectively this can be done. This is a gold play of great potential, it has been assessed by the big boys who really like it as well so I know it is not just me having a biased blinkered view of the prospects of success it is real and is yet to be even close to its potential.

    We raised capital at close to 5c so we are well placed to achieve these outcomes with the smallest possible dilution to shareholders in the current circumstances

    We will be debt free in a month or so once the shareholder meeting is completed, all other regulatory hurdles have been overcome by hard work and consultation with all concerned from ASX to ASIC

    So in summary we are cheap at the moment comparatively to our peers given an existing JORC resource in copper, huge exploration upside potential in both gold and copper which are great commodities to be in at the moment. We have the cash to continue and the intent of a lead manager to provide us with a further $2m when we decide to tap it in the near future. We have many eyes watching us and now have some good volume going through the market so liquidity is better and will improve even more as news flow continues to come in the coming weeks and months as we are now able to work in the business instead of on it.

    Game on CAE

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    Sanders, just came across you and this site by typing in XST forums on google lol! Been reading your write up and your on to the money! I wish I was following you when you first stared talking bout XST OR CAE!
    I’ll be keeping an eye on you now! 🚀#rocketman

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    AQS was linked to CAE...when aqs had massive run cae was a ticking time bomb ...watch PNN... dyor

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    Think 3c is a good buy in? For PNN.

  15. 4.1k

    30 cents yes ,, wont go to 3 ...dyor

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    boom boom cae go copper

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    Copper leads base metals higher

    Traders on the London Metal Exchange made up for lost time, with base metal prices surging higher as the marketplace reopened after the May Day holiday, notes the ANZ Research team.

    "Optimism about a global rebound in growth is fuelling the rally. Fed Chair Powell said the recovery in the US is making real progress.

    "Elsewhere, euro area factory activity rose in April to its highest level in more than 24 years.
    "Copper led the charge higher, closing just shy of the psychological USD10,000/t level. While growth in demand is expected to rise, supply side constraints are also playing their part.

    "Chile, the world’s largest copper producer, saw output fall 2.1% y/y in Q1. This was driven by a 14% fall in output from BHP’s Escondida mine.

    "In other markets, aluminium and zinc also rose strongly, while nickel was steady."

    1 HOUR AGO

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